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Will traditional printing be replaced by digital printing?


Will digital printing replace traditional printing?

In fact, we have talked about this issue before. At that time, we probably meant that digital printing technology will continue to increase in recent years, and the market share will continue to increase. Traditional printing will gradually be introduced to the market in the future.

Many people who know the digital printing industry know that digital printing is developing very well in the printing industry, and its market share is also growing continuously. During the epidemic, because traditional printing employees were unable to work normally, many companies also wanted to change their corporate strategies and introduce digital printing technology to reduce employees and automate as much as possible.

Now that traditional printing has high consumption, high pollution, high emissions, and low added value, the market share has been continuously shrinking. Digital printing is just the opposite. It has low consumption and high added value. It also conforms to the development direction in the current market. It also caters to the fast-fashion concept of “small batches, multiple varieties, and short delivery periods”, which is in line with the future printing and dyeing industry. Transformation and development.

Will traditional printing be replaced by digital printing

In fact, the factories that first used digital printing technology have begun to stabilize their technology, and their production has been on the right track. They also have stable customer resources. It can be said that they have tasted the sweetness. Now later manufacturers have also begun to enter the field of digital printing. Although many companies are still in the continuous development stage, digital printing technology has matured day by day, and it is no doubt that it has developed. Our company has been in stable mass production for many years in digital printing production.

The current digital printing can be widely used in all areas of life, and it is still in the state of basically taking all the fabrics.

With the development of the golden five years, digital printing has begun to become more and more mature.

I saw a sentence before: “Many people lose when they lose. For new things, they can’t see, look down, or understand, and it’s too late…”

Although the current market share of digital printing is not as high as that of traditional printing, the development of digital printing is in everyone’s eyes. It is only a matter of time before it surpasses traditional printing.

Choose digital printing, choose Jiangsu is not a lazy person.

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