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Why does cotton towel not absorb water


The same question that many hotel buyers will ask is: “Why do some cotton towels not absorb water after they are put in the water? When a drop of water is dripped on some cotton towels, the water immediately seeps into the loops”? Why some do not absorb water? The following editor will give you answers one by one.

Because in the process of processing the hotel’s customized promotional microfiber digital printed hooded towel, an auxiliary agent: softener is used.

Softener is a chemical substance that can change the static and dynamic friction coefficient of fiber. When the static friction coefficient is changed, the hand feels smooth and easy to move on the fiber or fabric; when the dynamic friction coefficient is changed, the fine structure between the fibers is easy to move with each other, that is, the fiber of the fabric is easy to deform. The combined feeling of the two is soft.

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The characteristics of general household towels and bath towels are: the density is thin, the square gram is thin, so the gap between the loops and the loops is large, and the water absorption will be good, and the pure cotton towels can make the service life longer. The characteristics of the softener are as follows: the square gram is heavy, the density is dense, and the gap between the loops is relatively small. Therefore, in order to increase its comfort, a softener must be added. The main component of the softener is silicone oil. After the second time, the water absorption of the customized animal-shaped cotton bamboo bath hooded towel itself will be restored, but if you feel that there is still a distance from the water absorption you require, you may try the following three methods:

1. Add 1-2g of caustic soda per kilogram through the soft water of 80°-100°C, and wash it every half an hour. Each washing is expected to remove 30%-50% of the softener. Washing the product more than twice will gradually decrease. It is expected that water absorption will reach within 10 seconds after three items of washing.

2. Boil for half an hour with high-temperature water of 80°-100°C.

3. The high temperature of 100 degrees for half an hour.

The principle of the above method is very simple, that is, use high temperature to melt the softener. Pure cotton towels are also handmade woven products. The yarn count is relatively delicate and requires our usual careful maintenance and care.

Precautions for future washing:

1. Please try to choose a mild detergent. Avoid pouring the detergent directly on the customized soft and comfortable microfiber bamboo bath towel, otherwise, the residual liquid of the detergent will change the color of the towel. Minimize the use of chlorine bleach.

2. Oil, which affects the water absorption of cotton towels, is recommended to be avoided.

3. Tumble and dry the cleaned cotton towels in the dryer, so that the cotton bath towels are more fluffy and soft, but the time should not be too long.

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