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Why do people like custom towels now?


The development of society is very rapid, and everyone’s consumption level is constantly improving. Especially in the daily use of small objects, everyone has gone from the initial basic requirements to the current requirements for personalized aesthetics. In fact, as the more commonly used towels, it is not only limited to washing and wiping the face, but now everyone’s requirements for towels have turned to customize more personalized towels produced by cooling towel in bottle supplier. So why do people like custom towels now?

Let’s mainly talk about printed custom towels.

Because a towel contains the various poses of the world.

Towels, in fact, the customization in most people’s minds may still be limited to solid colors, jacquard, embroidery… these.

In fact, today’s towels are not only limited to these simple customizations with the changes in technology. And the printing technology is developing very fast, including gifts, event customization, ball game promotion, anniversary celebrations, brand promotion, background wall customization, and these are all derived from printing customization technology.

In fact, many towels nowadays are actually customized, from the beginning of embroidery, jacquard, embossing, and other customized technologies to the emergence and development of traditional printing and digital printing technologies. The printing customization technology also makes the technology more perfect in the development of time.

Why Do People Like Custom Towels Now?

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing technology is more perfect in customization.

● Digital printing does not require plate making, short proofing time, and low price

● Digital printing MOQ is low

● Digital printing products have higher precision and better results

● Digital printing production cycle is short and faster

● Digital printing is more intelligent

Of course, what is more, attractive is that digital printing has no restrictions on size, pattern, and color in customization. It can really print what you want, so various sizes, various styles, and various types of methods. Towels, face towels, sports towels, bath towels, beach towels, China ice towel in bottle, background painting customization… all came into being.

In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, many traditional printing companies have been unable to ship their goods within the specified time because the staff of many traditional printing companies cannot be on duty, making it difficult for companies to get through during that time. After the domestic epidemic is brought under control, more and more traditional printing companies are also converting to digital printing companies and upgrading.

In addition, now everyone’s life is getting better and better, so consumers’ pursuit of quality of life is constantly improving. Now everyone likes fast fashion, and what they like is personalized customization. Traditional printing can no longer meet the needs of many consumers at this stage, and the unlimited customization of digital printing has just adapted to the market and the production of consumers. Demand is also adapted to the current environmental protection development.

Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers introducing digital printing technology on the market, but there are very few companies that can stabilize mass production and can guarantee the quality, so when you buy, you must choose a formal company to place an order for production.

Our company has been researching on digital printing for 7 years, and stable mass production has also been for 5 years. You can buy it with confidence.

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