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Which bath towel and bathrobe are better?


In the bath towel wholesale market, there are many towel products, so which one is better for a bathrobe or a large bath towel? The bathrobe is used to wear, and the bath towel can be used to wipe off the water on your body or to dry your wet hair; as to which bathrobe or bath towel is better, it depends mainly on personal habits.

Which bath towel and bathrobe are better?

Professional masters in the bath towel wholesale market give you some suggestions on the use of bath towels
First: dedicated person, dedicated towel: starting from my country’s national conditions, health care experts advocate that consumers use bath towels as personal items, and bath towels must be separated to prevent local skin diseases from spreading to the body and to prevent cross-infection. Useful ways.

Second: wash the sun correctly and disinfect regularly: When taking a bath, it is advisable to rinse off with shower gel and water, and then wrap the whole body with bath towels, which can reduce the adhesion of human dirt to bath towels. After the bath towels are used up, they should be dried in time. They should be sterilized by boiling them in boiling water for 10 minutes a week. Bath towels that are not commonly used must be boiled, disinfected, and dried before being placed to avoid mold and deterioration.

Third: timely update: This is the key to changing the misunderstanding of traditional consumption.

Fourth: the hard bath towels are specially treated to make them soft: for example, add 30 grams of soda ash or a safe detergent in 1.5 kg of water and cook for 10 minutes to make the hard bath towels soft.

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