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What to do if the bath towel is damaged and gray


After the hotel wholesales bath towels, if they are stored or used improperly, the bath towels will be damaged and gray. Today, let’s analyze the reasons for the broken and gray bath towels?

Analysis of hotel bath towels from chemical aspects

(1) Hotel bath towel wholesale washing water requirements: PH value 6.5-7; total hardness no more than 50ppm; iron no more than 0.1mg/L; manganese no more than 0.05mg/L. Calcium and magnesium in hard water are positively charged during washing, Forming calcium-magnesium soap, depositing it on the fabric will make white plants gray, lose their luster, change the shade, and seriously cause the fiber to become brittle, break, and low fastness.

(2) The bath towels are washed wholesale and the water is not clear, and the chemicals are left in the towel fibers. Alkaline chemicals remain. Although alkaline chemicals are safe to cotton fibers during the washing process and will not damage the fibers of the soft printed sport ice cool towel quotation, excessive water will cause the alkaline detergent to remain in the towel fibers. After the towel is dried, the towel will become gray. Harden and decrease in softness. As we all know, hotel towels are completely different from tablecloths and bedsheets. Tablecloths and bedsheets are used under static conditions, while towels are used under dynamic conditions. Frequent kneading and twisting require that the towels be soft. Any reason the towel is hard may reduce the fastness of the towel.

(3) Residues of chlorine bleaching agent. The chlorine bleaching agent is one of the most oxidizing cleaning chemicals. Its bleaching function allows most of the pigments on the cloth to be removed during rinsing, but it will cause some damage to the cotton fiber. When the dosage is reasonable, the temperature of pH 10.5 is controlled below 70 degrees, which is relatively safe and normal, but when the dosage and temperature are not controlled properly, chlorine bleaching agent residue will be formed, and there is no doubt about the damage to the fabric. , It is best to use oxygen bleaching to have low damage to plants, and 90% of hotel dirty linen does not require oxidation treatment. Hotel laundry rooms can be washed regularly with rich ion detergent. It can extend the service life of hotel towels, reduce linen loss, and save energy.

(4) Neutralizer is a chemical that is put in the last procedure in the normal washing process. After being put into it, it can neutralize the first few washing procedures and a small amount (≤10ppm) of alkaline chemicals and residuals in the cloth after water Chlorine bleaching agent, and dissolve some metal ions in the water. The correct dosage can adjust the PH value of the cloth between 5.5-6.5, which is basically the same as the PH value of the human body. It is safe. The fabric will still be in the normal service life, but it is inappropriate to use a large amount of neutralizer, It will make the fabric partial acid, thereby reducing the fabric fastness.

Towel Fabric Shrinkage Phenomenon and Factors

An analysis of hotel bath towels from physical aspects

(1) The wholesale washing time of hotel towels and bath towels is too long. When towels are washed in a washing machine, most of the time they are constantly rubbed up and down, resulting in rubbing and rubbing movements, which are an important factor in washing towels. Because dirty towels can’t be washed just by immersing them in the lotion. This movement not only plays the role of washing the towels but also wears the fibers and reduces the fastness of the outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel factory price. Therefore, reasonable washing time is very necessary. It can reduce unnecessary wear and tear, thereby ensuring the normal washing life of the towel.

(2) The high dewatering speed during dehydration is too high (the high dewatering speed of some automatic washing machines is too fast, and the speed of the dehydrator is too high). Excessive centrifugal force causes the cotton fibers of the towel to loosen, just like when we wring the towel with our hands excessively, it loosens the woven structure, which causes the middle part of the whole of the towel to be loose and damaged, and normal damage starts from the side.

(3) When drying, the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees, and 80% dry and cold air drops to 40 degrees. If the cold air of some dryers is broken, it will cause the towel to dry too much. Because the moisture strength of the cotton fiber is higher than the dry strength, too much drying will cause the towel fastness to decrease. If the towel is overheated, the fiber will become brittle and the strength of the towel will decrease significantly.

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