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What should I do if the towel I use always sheds?


There are always some trivial and tricky small problems in life. Although they are small things, they always happen and cannot be solved properly. They are also troublesome to our lives. Of course, one of the things that often appears is towels. For the problem of hair loss, many people say that when towels are used, they will shed hair, which greatly affects the feeling of use. Here, our Jiangsu Nolaren Textile Co., Ltd. tells you how to solve such problems from a professional level.

Towel hair loss can be solved as follows:
1. Pour the rice water into a pot and heat it up, then put the towel in it to soak for half a minute. Then take the towel out and soak it in cold water for a while and finally take it out and wring it out to dry.

2. Put a little salt in the washbasin, then pour a little boiling water to dissolve it and then add cold water to dilute it, then soak the towel in salt water for 20 minutes, then take it out and wash it with cold water and dry it.

3. Prepare warm water of about 30 degrees, soak the newly bought towel in the water and then take it out and put it in the washing machine for dehydration. Then spread the towels flat on the table to dry in the shade, and finally iron them with an ironing machine at about 140 degrees.

Our Jiangsu Bulanren Textile Co., Ltd. uses high-quality combed cotton yarn for weaving, which has the advantages of less hairiness, good bar, high strength, smooth suede, and more delicate printing effect. Choose us to directly prevent these things from happening.

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