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What mothers should know about the baby’s face towel


Nowadays, many new mothers ask us: “Why is my baby always sick?” In addition to many other factors, sometimes children’s illnesses in daily life are also related to the towels they use. You know, children’s skin is very delicate, and very intolerant of external stimuli, it is very easy to get injured or infected. In addition, towels that are in close contact with children’s skin every day are likely to be a vector that causes children to contract diseases. Therefore, newly-minded mothers must pay attention to the hygienic use of towels.

In the process of using towels, we tend to stick dander, dust, grease…some dirty things on the towel, of course the most terrifying thing is the countless bacteria invisible to the naked eye. Let me tell you that when the mothers wipe the baby’s body and saliva, they will further enhance the growth of bacteria on the towels. Therefore, when the children use these towels, they will risk the children’s diarrhea, enteritis, trachoma and other diseases.

Most parents buy special towels for their children when they buy towels for their children, but due to many bad habits, the towels are as dirty as “rags”.

For example, many parents hang the baby’s towel in the bathroom, which is not correct. Because the bathroom environment is too complicated, when washing hands, clothes, household supplies, and flushing, all kinds of bacteria are easily brought to the towel by the water stains splashed on the towel. In addition, the towels in the bathroom are easily used by others. Many guests who come to their homes will use their children’s towels to wipe their hands without knowing it. This will easily lead to cross-infection.

Now when everyone uses towels for children, they basically hang them up when they are used up. They don’t wash and dry them. They only wash them when they have obvious dirt and smell. But in fact, such towels are really very dirty, so it is best to clean the towels with soap or detergent every day, and disinfect the baby’s towels every day. Everyone must remember to use clean water after cleaning, and it is recommended to replace a towel directly after 3 months of use.

Do not use disinfectants when cleaning baby towels, because many babies like to get sick because the home is too clean. If there is no continuous invasion of normal bacteria, the baby’s resistance will become very poor. And one of the most important reasons is the frequent use of disinfectants.
Finally, we recommend that everyone soak the cleaned towel in boiling water and cook for 10 minutes.
Then take it out, wash it with water, and dry it in the sun.

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