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What kind of fabric is most suitable for the production of digital printed towels


As I said before, the current digital printed towels have become more and more popular in the entire printed towel market, and their market share has also grown more and more. Why is this so?
In fact, in addition to the technical advantages of digital printing, there is another particularly important reason that the digital printing towel products are really great and amazing.
However, the clarity of the products produced by some manufacturers is not good, which is far behind the products of other excellent companies. In fact, at this point, if these factors are the same for the equipment, a big reason can be said to be caused by the fabric.

In theory, general fabrics can be produced by digital printing, but the products produced by different fabrics will have very different gaps.
As far as the current distinction of digital printing technology is concerned, there are mainly two types: one is digital direct-injection printing, and the other is digital thermal transfer printing. For example, if it is a polyester printed fabric, the current digital direct-injection printing has low color yield, unclear patterns, and large hysteresis. Therefore, polyester chemical fiber fabrics are generally processed by heat transfer printing. Cotton, linen, silk, nylon and other fabrics are generally processed by digital direct injection technology. Just like our company, we use all-cotton fabrics for digital direct injection custom production.

I remember that a customer asked our company to produce samples, and also sent samples produced in other companies. The request is that the quality of our samples must not be worse than this, because our sample proofing fee is much lower than that of other companies. , So customers feel that the quality of our products can meet that standard. But the customers who received the samples immediately contacted us, saying that our products are really great.

In fact, our digital printing towels are all produced using fabrics customized for digital printing technology, so the digital printing technology can be displayed very well. Because our digital printing machines, nozzles, and inks are all advanced and high-quality, in fact, these machines have relatively high requirements for fabrics. Therefore, the effect of 1+1>2 is also achieved.
Finally, let me tell you about the fabrics used in our digital printing towels: the fabrics are woven with high-quality combed cotton yarn, which has the advantages of less hairiness, good bar, high strength, smooth suede, and more delicate printing effect. There are mainly two specific specifications: 1. Combed wool yarn with 21 single yarns, combed bottom warp with 40 threads, and weighs 400 square grams; 2. The bottom warp of wool yarns are combed cotton 40 threads with two weights of 400 and 450 square grams. . The first fabric is cost-effective, and 90% of customers choose this fabric. The second fabric has neater loops and a higher grade, which is suitable for higher-end products. The price is generally 15% more expensive than the first fabric. The effect on digital printed towels is not much different between the two.

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