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What is The Regular Weight of Bath Towels?


After bathing, we will use bath towels to wipe the water on the body. Bath towels are one of the indispensable bedding products. What is the weight of a general bath towel? The weight of bath towels is usually put together with the size. Manufacturers usually keep currency in the factory warehouse. The size and weight of these customized microfiber printed mandala round beach towel are the common models of general bath towels. Divided into 70*140*600g, 80*160*800g two most commonly used sizes.

Of course, if you want other sizes, you need to coordinate with the durability microfiber printing beach towel supplier manufacturer to help you change the machine. There is usually a fee for changing planes. Because changing the aircraft is a very troublesome thing, it requires a lot of time and energy. To say which of these two is more widely used. In the past, it was more than 70*140*600g. Now, in order to attract travelers, many hotels choose better and larger 80*160*800g bath towels.

What is The Regular Weight of Bath Towels?

The size and importance of bath towels must be particular. General bath towels and towels are stacked together on the towel rack in the bathroom. The bath durability microfiber printing beach towel price list usually seen are slightly larger than the towel length and width, so that they can be used after bathing.

The bath towels are not heavier, the better. The weight of the bath towels we often see will vary according to the size, but the bath purchase waffle microfiber beach towel is not heavier, the better. The towel after wet water will also affect the feeling of use, and it will dry. It is also troublesome and not convenient for timely use. Therefore, the weight of bath towels per square meter is also a keyword to measure its quality. Thickness and lightness are the characteristics of the best bath towels, which can guarantee the fluffy and comfortable feel of the bath towels. A thick but durable, long-lasting bath towel weighs about 600 grams per square meter, and a standard-size bath towel weighs about 600 grams. The bath towel that meets this standard has lightweight and fast-drying speed and is the standard weight used by many.

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