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What are the technical distinctions of pure cotton bath towels


Every hotel and every family needs bath towels. There should be many types of bath towels that you have seen. Do you know what types of bath towels are there? The following cotton bath towel products are here to classify everyone.

There are more and more different types of bath towels on the market, and our hotel bath towels are only in these categories. The following editor will give you a few major types of cotton bath quick dry breathable instant cooling gym sports towel quotation to help you distinguish.

What are the technical distinctions of pure cotton bath towels

1. Jacquard bath towel
On the bath towels, you can find some loops and some cloth stalls. These fabric stalls are lower than the loops. After a developed process, these bumps can show various patterns and patterns. The process of this kind of bath towel is relatively more complicated, and the price is slightly higher than that of an ordinary multicolor microfiber magic cooling towel factory price.

2. Broken bath towel
In addition to the terry, there will be a large or small cloth stall in the middle of the bath towels. These bath towels are broken bath towels; its craft can be ever-changing; it can weave various patterns and patterns to meet the hotel’s individual customization.

3. Embroidered bath towels
Various patterns can be embroidered on the finished bath towel to improve the ornamental value of the bath microfiber instant magic cooling towel free sample and have certainly added value. For example, embroidering a certain hotel means that this bath towel is customized by a certain hotel, and you can know which bath towel it is at a glance, and it also plays a role in publicity.

4. Active printed bath towels
A printing dye printed directly on bath towels. Most of the new environmentally friendly dyes used today are non-toxic dyes, which have gradually replaced ordinary paint printing. Paint printing is easy to distinguish. The color of the reactive printing pattern is glossy, and the paint printing has no gloss, and the loops or suede printed by the paint will stick together, and there is no fluffy feeling. Coatings are mostly used to print fonts, lines, and reduce printing costs. Hotels generally do not use active printed bath purchase multicolor microfiber magic cooling towel, but usually in places such as sports bath towels and gift bath towels.

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