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What are the important features of digital printing?


Now that digital printing has got rid of many processes in the production process of traditional printing, such as color separation, drawing, film making, and screen making, the production time has been greatly shortened. The way to accept the pattern can be through various advanced means. At present, our Jiangsu Bularen Textile Co., Ltd. usually completes the proofing within 3 days, and the proofing cycle of traditional printing usually takes more than 7 days at the fastest. In addition, due to the simplification of the process, the cost of traditional printing plate making is also saved, and it can also provide a more perfect sample to the customer’s satisfaction.

The digital printing design draft can be modified directly on the computer. If the customer is not satisfied with the printed sample, he can immediately modify it on the computer, which is very simple. In traditional printing, once the design draft is finalized and revised, the plate needs to be re-made, which not only increases the cost but also wastes time.

The principle of digital printing technology makes its products break the limitation of traditional printing and dyeing production and the length of the flower back, thus greatly expanding the space of textile pattern design and improving the grade of products. Moreover, if the digital printing machine adopts 8 basic colors, it can theoretically express 16.7 million colors. Especially in the printing of high-precision patterns such as color gradients and moiré patterns, digital printing has unparalleled advantages in technology. .

The high-precision printing process does not use the traditional water toning paste. In the printing process, the use of dyes is “distributed on demand” by the computer. There is almost no waste of dyes and waste water, so as to get rid of high energy consumption and high pollution. Green production process.

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