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Towel Couples for Summer


Summer is coming, towel CP to recommend

This year, CP Avenue is rampant, whether it is in love, family, friendship, or some things, there are CPs.

Like red and blue CP, Peking University Tsinghua University, fried chicken beer, Dove Rainy Day… as long as they can be put together, they can be grouped together and called CP.
Below there are some couples for your reference.

1. Baby Wrap + Baby Sweat Towel
The baby’s skin is very soft and needs to be well protected. High-quality natural bamboo cotton fiber fabric, which is softer than you think, can protect babies’ delicate skin. In addition, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, children are also prone to sweating. At this time, it will be a very good thing to add a baby sweat microfiber magic cooling towel factory.

If it is too hot, the air conditioner will be turned on, and the baby wrapper can also protect the baby from the direct blow of the cool wind.

2. Sports towel + cooling towel
Now there are more and more people who love sports and fitness. Sports customized instant ice-cold magic cooling towels are becoming one of the must-have for everyone who loves sports. In fact, in gyms, sports meets, ball games… you can see the figure of sports towels. Sports towels are generally produced with cotton fabrics with water absorption. If you use digital printing technology to customize exquisite print patterns on cotton fabrics, the effect will be more high-quality.

Of course, in addition to sports towels, how can there be less summer black technology products-cooling towels? The three-step cooling instant ice-cold magic cooling towel quotation can cool itself down during the exercise to play a better sweat-absorption and cooling effect and will bring a better exercise experience to people who exercise.

Towel Couples For Summer

3. Face towel + small hand towel
Towels are used every day. As the towel with the most contact times with our skin, we must choose high-quality ones to use. In this way, it can effectively protect and clean the skin when it is used. Towels are used at home, and small squares on the outside are another product that can replace household absorbing sweat microfiber cool sports towel price list.

4. Bath towel + bathrobe
After taking a bath, the body was wet, and a very absorbent bath towel is essential. After wiping off the water stains on the body, put on a bathrobe, and lie down comfortably. However, when buying a bath microfiber cool sports towel factory and bathrobes, you must choose them carefully. Water absorption is very important and must be considered.

5. Microfiber small square towel + hand towel
Those who have used microfiber should know that the water absorption and detergency of microfiber products are very good, and its feel is also very soft and comfortable. Therefore, it is usually used to wipe the car or to decontaminate the kitchen. The effect is quite good. After wiping the car or cleaning up the stains, your hands must be wet, so it is really great to wear a hand multicolor sports instant cooling towel price at this time.

Towel CP is only for connecting beautiful things.

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