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Today, I will introduce our high-end high-speed digital printing machine to you.


At the beginning of the enterprise, our company was actually just a trading company. At that time, it was just starting up and did not have its own factory. Then I learned about digital printing technology, and I also wanted to build my own factory, so that the company could become an enterprise integrating industry and trade.
From the first machine to the present, our company also has two high-end high-speed digital printing machines.
Our company currently has two advanced high-speed digital printing machines, one domestic advanced high-speed digital direct-injection printing machine worth 2.2 million yuan, and 32 Japanese Starlight 1024 print heads in 8 colors, with a speed of up to 150 meters per hour; one It is a 6.5 million zimmer-Coaris3 high-speed digital printing machine imported from Austria, with 64 Japanese Seiko nozzles in 8 colors, and the speed can reach 240 meters per hour. Therefore, you can rest assured in terms of production capacity, and we can respond promptly and quickly to any order.
In fact, our company started to develop cotton digital printing towel technology at the beginning of 2012. After many understandings, we installed the first high-speed digital printing machine capable of stable mass production in 2016, and introduced the second global digital printing machine in 2017. Advanced fully imported zimmer high-speed digital printing machine. So far, our company has accumulated 10 years of digital printing experience and technology, and has about 6 years of experience in stable mass production. The technology and product quality are in a leading position in the industry.
So far, our digital printing products have been exported to many countries around the world and won the favor of many consumers.

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