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This year’s digital printing benefits have been presented


Since the beginning of this year, with the continuous deterioration of the new crown epidemic in India, Mumbai, Delhi and other places have directly become “hardest hit areas”. In fact, as the world’s second largest textile manufacturer and exporter, India still has a huge market, including some industries that were moving to India and other places before. However, due to the poor control of the epidemic, many industries in India have been affected again. The heavy losses and the inability to produce products normally also led to many orders being transferred only to my country. At present, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and other exporting countries are also in a difficult situation due to strict blockade measures, logistics delays, raw material supply and domestic political turmoil.

Now the digital printing technology and material industry is a strategic emerging industry encouraged by many relevant departments. In addition, under the influence of the epidemic, the domestic digital printing industry has also experienced rapid growth, and also because of the epidemic, many digital printing manufacturers have appeared in China. At present, various industrial printing industries in my country have many problems in terms of energy consumption and pollution. Digital printing technology can reduce manual energy consumption, reduce waste emissions and other technical advantages in production, which is in line with the traditional printing industry. Digital transformation.

In addition, some policies also provide strong policy support and institutional guarantee for the development and development of the digital printing industry, and also bring good development opportunities.

In fact, in the entire digital printing industry, it can be said that the epidemic and domestic policies have directly promoted the development of the entire digital printing industry. It can be said that 2021 will be a good opportunity for the return of many light manufacturing industries after the 2017 trade war. Overseas customers will choose Chinese manufacturing in terms of manufacturing experience, technology, quality, speed, etc. Once the long-term cooperation with customers is successful, the transfer itself is a supply-demand relationship that is difficult to separate. Of course, the main reason is that the domestic epidemic situation is well controlled, and mass production can be stabilized normally. In addition, the domestic production level is already at a high level.

In fact, digital printing has been in China for so many years. After the improvement of technology, the cost is reduced and the product quality is very high. It is also ushered in a golden period of development, and the market is getting bigger and bigger.

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