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Which towels are unqualified?


In recent times, everyone’s requirements for the small objects of their lives have become higher and higher, and everyone hopes that they can use high-quality and healthy small objects. In addition, in addition to ourselves, the current market also has higher and higher requirements for small living objects, and the requirements for monitoring and spot checks are also getting higher and higher.

However, for the daily use of small object towels, many of them are actually unqualified. Do not use such textile jacquard bath towel price, otherwise, it will have a great impact on your own health.

unqualified towels

Which towels are unqualified?

● Fading towel

Many towels on the market are dyed. Generally speaking, it is normal for the towel to fade in the first/second time, but if it continues to fade after using it many times, then this towel is almost certainly using inferior dyes. And the production process is also very poor, that’s why this phenomenon occurs. The inferior ink used in towels of this fabric has poor color fastness and also contains substances harmful to the body, so such towels must not be used.

● Towels with peculiar smell

Some towels on the market are of very poor quality, and they are accompanied by a peculiar smell. This kind of towel is simply not to choose. In fact, the peculiar smell is also caused by the fabric, ink, and storage time used in the towel. There are big problems. It is because of these problems that the towel has a peculiar smell. So when you encounter such a towel produced by printed yoga towel manufacturer, just throw it away.

So everyone can smell it when buying towels. If there is an unpleasant odor, don’t buy and use such towels.

● Do not change towels for a long time

I have told you this many times. There is a time limit for the use of towels, but many people disagree because they feel that towels need to be replaced only when they are worn out. In fact, the use of towels is in constant contact with the skin, so the dirt on the skin will also be brought to the towel, and because of the towel loops, it is difficult to completely clean the dirt. And because towels are often kept in a damp state, bacteria can grow very quickly in such an environment. At this time, frequent cleaning and disinfection are required. However, even if it is cleaned and disinfected frequently, towels need to be replaced after 3 months of use.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that you should try to buy printed waffle microfiber towel price in large shopping malls or those with guaranteed brands. Such towels will generally be of better quality, guaranteed, and you can rest assured.

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