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The towel is full of bacteria. Can I only dry my face after washing?


Everyone basically uses towels when washing their faces, but after using the towels for too long, the feeling of use will get worse and worse, and it is not hygienic. In the use of towels, as time becomes longer, use The accumulation of many bacteria in the towel will breed a lot of bacteria, and the breeding of many kinds of bacteria will also make the skin more and more sensitive, and the skin will become worse and worse.

The towel is full of bacteria, is it impossible to use it? Of course not, as long as you use the towel properly and use the towel in the correct way, you can rest assured. (Don’t be troublesome, after all, it’s about your own health)

1. Towels must be dedicated
The use of towels must be dedicated, that is, you can use your own towels yourself. Don’t use other people’s towels by yourself, and don’t let others use their own towels. Because everyone is different, some will carry some viruses and bacteria, if mixed use will cause cross infection, both have health effects.

2. Towels need special towels
Towels must be used exclusively for special towels, that is, the face-washing towel is only used to wash the face, and the body-wiping towel is only used to wipe the body. Do not use your own face towel to wipe the body, let alone wipe the private parts, this is also the case. It is easy to cause its own cross-infection. So when you use towels, you must remember to prepare a few more towels, each one corresponds to each part.

3. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
Towels need to be cleaned, at least once a week. Of course, it’s best to keep them cleaned every day.

4. Remember to replace it
Towels are not used all the time. They are not broken or replaced. Towels generally need to be replaced after 3 months of use. After a long period of time, the bacteria on the towels will reach millions. At this time, the towels are not usable.
So everyone must remember to use towels and use them correctly.

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