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The summer solstice is here | The essential black technology cold towel


Today’s summer solstice also indicates that the weather has officially entered the frenzy mode.
In the case of sauna under the sun, leaving the air-conditioned room is directly walking in the sun with pork belly.
Indoors are very comfortable, but when you are exercising, what should you do when you leave the room to go outside?
Be sure to match it with our recommended summer black technology towel, a cool towel that cools down in 3 seconds.
Speaking of cold towels, I have to give you a grand introduction
The biggest feature of this towel is that it cools quickly when it encounters water. It only needs to be soaked – lightly twisted – shaken in three steps to bring a cooling experience.
(You don’t need ice water, just room temperature water can achieve this effect)
So do you know why simple three steps can have a cooling effect?
The sports cold towel adopts foreign core technology and craftsmanship. It has a special structure of “moisture absorption, circulation and evaporation”. It is a recyclable functional fabric. As long as there is water (whether cold or hot), it can instantly Cooling down, it has a long-lasting cool feeling, and the cool towel can also get the same ice-like effect by contacting human skin sweat, physical cooling, no pollution, energy saving, and reusable.
In summer, especially for everyone who is exercising, a cold towel is definitely one of the must-have products.
If you want to buy, you can follow our company’s Douyin account “Busyman Home Life Museum” to choose to buy.

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