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The price of digital heat transfer paper seems to be going down


In fact, since the beginning of the year, the price increase of many raw materials has caused many manufacturers to face difficulties. Because of the increase in the price of raw materials, the cost of production is also increasing, which makes many manufacturers have to raise prices even when raw materials are rising.

In domestic thermal transfer printing factories, because printing needs to use transfer paper, and the price of thermal transfer paper is also greatly increased, it also causes many manufacturers to increase prices to ensure a certain profit. However, the rising prices of paper and machines have also made it difficult for many manufacturers to call them directly.

As one company said, because some orders were previously completed, but the price of raw materials increased when purchasing raw materials, you can’t ask customers to pay more, you have to bear them. After that, the orders received must be increased on the original basis, otherwise, the orders will be almost in vain, and the money will have to be posted after a busy period of work.

digital printing transformation has accelerated during the epidemic

But in fact, not only in the field of heat transfer, even in the field of digital printing, the raw materials also have some growth. So in fact, some digital printing manufacturers have also increased their prices. Our company has maintained the price under such circumstances. The stability.

In addition, there is news that the next time, the transfer paper used in heat transfer printing will usher in a round of market loosening, and the price will also usher in a certain price reduction. In fact, this is relatively good news for manufacturers and customers.

In addition, there are more and more digital printing manufacturers, including digital direct injection and digital thermal transfer printing, but because many manufacturers are newly introduced technology manufacturers, they basically cannot do anything directly in production. Mass production can be stabilized, but the order is being received, the product cannot be delivered, and the quality cannot be improved. I am really anxious.

So when you choose digital printing manufacturers to produce, you must pay attention to choosing a manufacturer that can stabilize mass production.

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