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The popularity of digital printing


The epidemic remains the same, but digital printing is still developing very rapidly. As mentioned in the article before, because of the epidemic, everyone is more inclined to intelligent production, and many traditional printing companies are transforming towards intelligent technology. In the past year, many traditional printing companies have already carried out the transformation of digital printing technology. Many companies that did not succeed in their transformation last year are also thinking that they can make a big change this year.

The current digital printing technology is not like the previous digital printing technology. The previous technology was immature, which led to high production costs and average product effects, which did not give people an extraordinary feeling. However, in recent years, the production of digital printing technology has been well improved. Not only has the cost been greatly reduced, but the quality of the product is also directly unique.

In fact, when it comes to the perfection of technology, the development of complementary equipment and ink is also constantly developing. For example, the digital printing machine has gradually changed from the previous one nozzle to the current two, four, eight, and so on. The color has also been directly matched from tens of millions of colors from the previous few colors to now. All colors you can think of can be printed by digital printing technology, and the production speed of the machine is also developing faster and faster, as I said before (if the order is not too big, it’s OK for a lunch Direct printing ends).

The popularity of digital printing

Our company now also has two high-speed digital printing machines, one is the domestic advanced value of 2.2 million Hope Gaoke high-speed digital direct-injection printing machine, 8 colors 32 Japan Starlight 1024 print heads, the speed can reach 150 meters per hour; It is Austria’s total import value of 6.5 million zimmer-Coaris3 high-speed digital printing machine, 8 colors and 64 Japanese Seiko nozzles, and the speed can reach 240 meters per hour. So in terms of production capacity, you can rest assured that we can respond to any order in a timely manner.

In fact, it is not only the improvement of the machine but also the continuous appearance of high-end new technology inks in the ink. The improvement of the ink also makes the color more colorful in production and the color fastness becomes higher. Of course, high-quality ink is also more environmentally friendly, so everyone can use it with confidence. Nowadays, the development of digital printing technology and accessories is getting faster and faster, and digital printing is hard to imagine.

Our company began to develop cotton digital printing towel technology in 2012. In 2016, we installed the first high-speed digital printing machine capable of stable mass production. In 2017, we introduced the second globally advanced and fully imported Zimmer high-speed digital printing machine. Up to now, our company has accumulated 9 years of digital printing experience and technology and has about 5 years of experience in stable mass production. The technology and product quality are in a leading position in the industry.

Choose us, rest assured.

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