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The oversized digital printing machine has been introduced. Have you seen it?


This morning I saw a friend send a message that an enterprise introduced a digital printing machine, the width of this digital printing machine is directly more than 4 meters.

In fact, the vast majority of digital printing machines on the market are about 1.5 meters wide, and now there is a printing machine with a width of more than 4 meters, which can really be called a giant printing machine.

Such digital printing machines are mainly used for the production of carpets. There are many small carpets in the market before, but few such large carpets can be printed. The emergence of such wide digital printing machines directly helps carpet products to have a great qualitative change in the industry.

Actually in the towel market also is, before the towel is simply a piece of cloth, will take place of the sewing is a towel, and then gradually appeared jacquard weave, embroider these, make the towel is no longer just a piece of cloth, and also is to have the above all sorts of design, color is also changed, become intricacies of towel.

The subsequent printing directly makes the towel become more and more wonderful, and the towel can be customized. However, the traditional printing has restrictions on color matching and pattern, so the traditional printing cannot be called unlimited customization. However, digital printing technology is different. Digital printing has no restrictions on pattern matching. As long as the design patterns or photos can be produced by digital printing technology, there are no restrictions at all.

Now the digital printing market is increasing and manufacturers are increasing. We must choose reliable enterprises to place orders for production.

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