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The entire production process of towels


Towels are familiar to everyone, but do you all know the production process of towels? The wholesale microfiber sports ice-cool magic towel looks such a small piece, but its production process is not that simple. What preparatory preparations should be made to produce a towel?

1. Preliminary work of towels – Strict selection of raw materials: According to the use and characteristics of towels, after selecting suitable cotton raw materials, the cotton is twisted into yarn.

2. Preliminary work 2 for towels – yarn selection and pre-bleaching: The most commonly used raw yarns for outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel factory prices are pure cotton, blended yarns, and other materials. According to the thickness, they are divided into 16, 21, 32 yarns, etc., as well as single strands and double strands. The division of shares. In order to make the color of the towel more exciting, many raw yarns are dyed before being rounded, which is called pre-bleaching.

3. Preliminary work 3 for towels – warp yarn and sizing: Before the original yarn is woven on the machine, the original yarn must be warped on the pan. The sizing is to make the yarn less likely to break during the weaving process and increase its resistance. Grind.

4. Preliminary work four for towels – weaving: After the warping, the thread strength is not enough and always breaks and needs to be sizing. Generally, single yarns need to be sizing.

5. Towel pre-work five – towel bleaching and dyeing: the product after weaving is called a grey outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel factory, which should be bleached and dyed, including dyeing, water absorption, softening, and whitening.

The entire production process of towels

In this way, towels are designed, finalized, and then set to the machine’s pattern setting. On the other hand, after selecting the original yarn, it is pre-bleached and dyed or directly warped according to the product design, and then coiled into thousands of yarns, each with hundreds of kilograms. Yarn reel, ready to be woven after sizing. After the outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel supplier weaving machine weaves the fabric according to the design version, the fabric is sent to the bleaching and dyeing factory for washing, bleaching and drying, and the trimming, turning, and folding head becomes semi-finished products. According to different design requirements, it is sent to the printing factory for printing or the embroidery factory for computer embroidery and then enters the final finishing and packaging. The complete process of towel production is thus over, and a beautiful towel is completed.

The above is the whole process of towel production introduced by the manufacturer. I hope to help you!

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