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The Digital Printing Of “Money” Is Endless


The digital printing of “money” is endless

Why is there no limit to the digital printing of “money”?

In fact, there is also an immense future here. The development of digital printing has been very rapid after the technology perfected in recent years. It is the golden period of digital printing development. During this time, the market for digital printing, the rate of growth is relatively fast. More and more companies are also introducing digital printing technology. The market share is growing very fast. Digital printing can be said to be promising.

“Money” investment of the unlimited amount

Compared with traditional printing, investment in digital printing technology is much higher. Some people may say that many digital printing machines are not expensive.

Digital printing is actually different from digital direct injection and digital thermal transfer. Thermal transfer machines are generally cheaper than direct injection machines. Our company has two digital printing direct injection machines. One is an advanced domestic high-tech machine worth 2.2 million. The nozzle equipped with 32 and the price of a single nozzle is 2-3 million. Just the nozzle price is much more expensive than many general machines; The other one is a high-speed digital printing machine with a value of more than 6 million imported by Zimmer, and the nozzle equipped with 64, which is not only better instability First-rate, but also a lot faster in speed. However, to make more money, early investment is also very necessary.

How To Maintain The Digital Printing Machine

The infinite development of “money”

The development of digital printing is getting faster year by year, especially during the epidemic, many employees cannot return to their posts on time, resulting in the failure to deliver orders on time.

Therefore, because of these effects, many companies are also thinking about how to reduce manpower production, so as to move towards more intelligent production. Therefore, during the epidemic, many traditional printing companies also want to make changes in the field of digital printing. According to the data, many companies already introduced digital printing equipment. The production of digital printing will start only after they are improved.

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing still has some gaps in its market share, but the growth rate of digital printing is really too fast, and digital printing meets the current social development needs and is also related to consumption. Consistent with the consumer’s concept of consumption, continuous development will only be the norm.

The “money” way is worthless

Digital printing has no requirements for plate-making, so it not only saves the cost of plate-making but also saves time in production. In addition, traditional printing has limitations of color registration and pattern. It is impossible to produce good results for some pattern patterns. But digital printing has no restrictions on color registration and pattern. The reduction degree of color is also restored very well.

The production of digital printing uses imported ink, and the color fastness is also very good. Moreover, the production of digital printing is to go through multiple steps for the production of fixed color printing. The effect is really great.

Consumers now like customized production, digital printing just meets the consumer needs of everyone, really put it down.

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