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The digital printing market is getting bigger and bigger, and the traditional printing market is being covered


Looking at the current market, the market of digital printing is becoming bigger and bigger, and the market share of digital printing in the whole printing market is becoming bigger and bigger. Especially under the influence of the epidemic in the past few years, many traditional printing manufacturers were unable to deliver goods on time because many employees of traditional printing enterprises could not go to work normally. Under such influence, many traditional printing manufacturers also wanted to quickly transform to digital printing. The intelligent production of digital printing does not require high number of employees, so the production is still very fast in the whole epidemic. But intelligence is certainly a trend.

In fact, many digital printing manufacturers in the market have just introduced technology, so many enterprises can not achieve stable mass production of technology, because the immature technology will lead to a variety of problems in the production of products.

Just like you just introduced a certain technology, the equipment is new, the equipment needs a period of time of debugging and proofing testing, now there should be no large equipment can directly produce very good products as soon as you buy it back. So many manufacturers are thinking of using low prices to develop and accumulate customers for their own enterprises.

Before, Xiaobian saw an article saying that the price of digital printing is directly killed to the limit, the price is directly reduced to 2 yuan or even lower price.

In fact, every time the price issue is mentioned, it will cause a bit of a stir, especially when it is cut to such a low level. Many people will think that the low price of digital printing is just to attract people’s attention, and the actual production will raise the price a lot for various reasons, or it is a smoke screen deliberately released to attract customers. To put it bluntly, it is a price war to grab the market.

The current digital printing technology is developing very well, and it has improved a lot compared with the previous technology, because the improvement of the technology also leads to the higher yield of digital printing, faster speed and lower cost. In addition, the ink used in digital printing is also changing from imported to domestic, and the cost of ink is also reducing the cost of digital printing.

Now some factories in order to have business can do, not hesitate to “break-even” attitude competition, play up the price station. “Anyone can do it at any price!” Even more frightening than the failure of the competition is the “low price competition”. In the digital printing industry, of course, the price factor has to be considered, but the key problem is when the customer can not identify the quality of the product.

When you choose an enterprise, don’t just choose a low-price enterprise to produce. Product quality is the key.

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