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The Development of Digital Printing


Some merchants: Will digital printing be a flash in the pan?

Digital printing told many times so far, but there are still a few who really understand digital printing. In the past two days, some merchants asked us, “Will digital printing be a flash in the pan?”

In fact, it feels incredible to hear this. Now that the digital printing industry developing so hotly, how could it be a flash in the pan? If it is really a flash in the pan, it should have eliminated long ago.

Now because of the pressure of the social environment, many traditional printing companies are beginning to introduce digital printing technology and are preparing to start switching. However, the conversion of traditional printing to digital printing is not a simple matter. So many transition companies have introduced technology. Nor can it be applied to perfection in a short time.

The current market share of digital printing is still much worse than traditional printing. Many people will also feel that digital printing cannot really occupy its place in the printing industry. You think that traditional printing has developed for many years. But it has only been a few years since the perfection of digital printing technology to the real golden age. The market share of digital printing is showing a rising attitude every year and the growth rate is very fast.

The Development of Digital Printing

In addition, in the traditional printing industry, the scale of the factory and technical gap is not large. So the gap between the quotations given will not be very different. There will be malicious price competition to gain the orders. Most of the traditional printing companies obtain their benefits through cheap labor and large-scale production, so in fact, the straightforward point is that there is not much room for the development of traditional enterprises. And now under the pressure of environmental protection, the traditional printing industry is gradually declining. At this time, the emergence of digital printing technology that adapts to the development of modern society will step out of its own place in the entire industry.

The economic level of society is constantly improving and the living standards of consumers are getting better and better. Consumers’ consumption concepts and requirements for life are constantly changing. The production of traditional printing is no longer possible to meet the needs of modern consumers. Digital printing technology happens to cater to the development requirements of society with its own advantages.

The current digital printing towel industry’s terminal needs-oriented towards “individualization, fast and changeable” make many enterprises need to abandon the traditional printing “small quantity, slow update” feature.

Of course, many companies have introduced digital printing technology, but there are few companies that can produce high-quality products in a short period of time, so it is essential to find companies with many years of stable mass production experience. For example, our company-Jiangsu Not Lazy Textile Co., Ltd.

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