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The Development of Digital Printing


The development of digital printing is very fast, but it seems to be accompanied by many problems

I often tell everyone how fast digital printing is developing and how advanced the technology is. But is it true that digital printing does not cause any problems?

This is of course impossible, and the development of digital printing is accompanied by many problems wholesale microfiber instant magic cooling towels. Digital printing technology is a systematic project, involving CAD technology, network communication technology, precision machining technology, and fine chemical technology and other cutting-edge technologies. It is the product of the fusion of information technology with traditional technologies such as machinery, textile, and chemical industry. Of course, some people call it a technological revolution of textile printing products.

Although digital printing technology has entered a golden period of development after the technology is perfect purchase multicolor microfiber magic cooling towel. Why do some companies develop well, while others continue to have problems?

1. The company’s response speed is not fast enough

Digital printing is no more than traditional printing. Digital printing requires enterprises that introduce technology to have the ability to react quickly. Because the digitally stored patterns or images can be directly printed on the fabric, the expressiveness of the pattern design style microfiber magic cooling towel factory, the richness of color changes, the unlimited size, and the speed of proofing reaction speed is unmatched by other printing methods.

This requires factories that introduce digital printing technology to have a professional team of pattern design and modification. Also, have the ability to quickly design services. The current market demand for personalization, small batches, multiple varieties, multiple suits, fast delivery, replenishment orders, and quick order additions also requires that production companies must have the ability to develop and customize quickly. Moreover, it must have the ability of rapid production and delivery. This puts high requirements on various aspects of enterprise software and hardware services. Many enterprises on the market are unable to meet such requirements. If they still go to production, various problems will easily occur customized instant ice-cold magic cooling towel.

The Development Of Digital Printing

2. Not enough investment

Now because of the development of digital printing technology, the development of digital printing machines is also getting faster and faster, and with the continuous progress of high-speed digital printing machine technology, the printing speed is also increasing instant ice-cold magic cooling towel quotation, but the development of high-speed digital printing also has no small requirements Yes, there will be problems for companies that are out of reach, so pay attention to the following points:

● If you want to produce digital printing towels quickly and with high quality, you need to use high-speed and high-precision digital printing machines. The price of such digital printing machines is much more expensive than ordinary printing machines.

● The faster the speed, the more high-frequency nozzles needed absorbing sweat microfiber cool sports towel price list. The high-frequency nozzle is not only expensive but also easy to damage. It is an expensive consumable, and the maintenance cost in the later stage of production is also quite high. The input-output ratio should be calculated according to its own needs.

● Different digital printing machines have different requirements for nozzles and inks, and the applicable product types are also different. The matching ink should be selected according to the machine and the nozzles. The ink required for high-precision nozzles of high-end machines is also high-end, and the price and cost will also be higher.

In addition, the production steps of digital printing are different from traditional printing microfiber cool sports towel factory.

The steps are fabric weaving-sizing and setting-inkjet printing-steaming-washing-drying-cutting-sewing-inspection-one needle inspection-packaging- Second needle inspection-packing.

The steps are also more than the traditional printing steps, so the cost is also much higher.

All in all, compared with traditional printing, digital printing has many differences multicolor sports instant cooling towel price, and the requirements are also much higher, so if you want to do digital printing production, you must solve these problems, not just introduce technology. of.

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