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The cost becomes higher, and the quality cannot be lowered in order to make money


In the past two days, a boss who is also engaged in the textile industry visited our company. He said, “The business is still not easy to do now. Many source manufacturers are constantly increasing prices in order to obtain more profits, so many, many Suppliers are also forced to increase prices in order to obtain profits, which also makes many companies now have to increase prices to sell.”

However, manufacturers have difficulties with manufacturers, and price increases are always unacceptable to customers. Therefore, in communicating with customers, manufacturers need to communicate and explain because of the price, and because of this, some manufacturers have also lost some customers.

How can this be to lose customers?

Therefore, many manufacturers now start to manipulate their products in order to retain customers.

wholesale microfiber quick dry sand-free towel

Let me give you an example. Everyone who has read my previous article knows that there are many production steps for sports microfiber instant cooling magic cooling towel free sample, including: fabric weaving-sizing and setting-inkjet printing-steaming-washing-drying-cutting-sewing-inspection-one inspection Needle-packaging-second needle inspection-packing.

However, some manufacturers now reduce the production steps of digital printing towels in order to reduce costs, such as the inspection/needle inspection steps. The normal steps are twice, but in order to save the steps, companies with a lot of steps will reduce it to once.

In addition, the washing of microfiber instant cooling sports towel free sample is also required. What kind of water is used and how long it takes to wash will have a great influence on the color and pattern effect of the entire product. In order to save costs, many manufacturers will use general water for cleaning, and the time will be reduced, but the cost is reduced, but the effect of the printed pattern will be much worse because of the washing time and the change of raw materials.

Of course, in addition, some manufacturers will use inferior inks for production when printing, because the inks used in digital printing are relatively high-end and environmentally friendly, and the coloring effect during printing will be much better, and the price is similar to the average The ink is also much higher than that, so many manufacturers will use inferior cheap ink to reduce the cost. This will reduce the cost, but the printing quality will also be reduced, and the use of inferior ink is problematic. It is large, not only will it fade, but it will also cause damage to itself when it comes in contact with the skin.

So now everyone must know about the manufacturer when shopping, or go directly to watch the scene. Our company has been in stable mass production for digital printing towel produced by microfiber baby hooded towel supplier customization for many years. Both the steps and the inks used are all high-quality products, and we will not reduce our own quality in order to make money.

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