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The Conditions for High-end Towel Customization


Many consumers now buy towels for use, but the average customer will choose to buy directly in the supermarket or on the Internet, so in fact, people who buy customized microfiber printed mandala round beach towel often can not say how to go Make a purchase. Towels are very different in quality, but do you know what are the conditions for high-end towel customization?

Now when people buy towels, they basically have one thing in common, that is, they all choose pure cotton towels. Of course, this is not to say how many good cotton towels are, but pure cotton is actually almost all high-end towels. A condition that must be met. For example, there is a towel brand called Imabari towels. Simple durability microfiber printing beach towel supplier, but the price of such a simple towel is more than 1,000 yuan. If you haven’t used it, you may not know it well. But after using it, you will find that it is really different.

Towels actually depend on the grammage when choosing. Although it is not the higher the grammage, the better towel, the higher the grammage quality will not be too bad.

There is also the fact that the ordinary towels are simple plain durability microfiber printing beach towel price list, but now towels are more and more customized, and the customized towels are also very good in quality. Towels customized with digital printing all require customized fabrics. The cost of such towels is much higher than that of ordinary towel fabrics.

Another point is that towels are no longer very simple solid colors. You can print your favorite custom patterns on the towels. As long as the patterns are clear enough, the printing can be great. Today’s digitally printed towels often use eco-friendly, non-polluting ink. Generally, it is a high-end purchase waffle microfiber beach towel customization.

During The Rainy Season, Watch Out Your Towels

Our company started to develop the technology of cotton digital printing waffle microfiber beach towel manufacturer from 2012. In 2016, we launched the first high-speed digital printing machine capable of stable mass production. In 2017, we introduced the second global advanced fully imported Zimmer high-speed digital printing machine. Up to now, our company has accumulated 7 years of experience in digital printing and has about 3 years of experience in stable mass production. Technology and product quality are in a leading position in the industry.

We need to choose us for towel customization, and even more for high-end China instant cooling relief cool towel customization.

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