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The characteristics of cotton towels and how to wash and maintain


Features of cotton towels:

1. Pure cotton towels are highly hygroscopic and have a large shrinkage rate, about 4~10%;

2. Pure cotton towels are alkali and acid-resistant. Towels are extremely unstable to inorganic acids. Even very dilute sulfuric acid will damage polyester printed instant cool sports towel quotation, but organic acids have a weak effect on cotton towels and almost no damage. Cotton towels are more resistant to alkalis. Generally, dilute alkali does not affect the towels at room temperature, but under the action of strong alkalis, the strength of cotton towels will decrease.

3. The light resistance and a heat resistance of pure cotton towels are average. Pure cotton towels will be slowly oxidized in the sun and the atmosphere, making the towels less powerful. The effect of long-term high temperature will damage the pure cotton wholesale bamboo fiber polyester instant cool sports towel, but the pure cotton towel can withstand short-term high-temperature treatment at 125~150℃.

4. Microorganisms have a destructive effect on cotton towels, and they are not resistant to mold.

5. Hygiene: Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, there are a small number of waxy substances, nitrogenous substances, and pectin. The pure cotton towel has been tested and practiced in many ways, and the multicolor microfiber sports ice-cool magic towel has no irritation and no negative effect in contact with the skin. Long-term use is beneficial and harmless to the human body and has good hygiene performance.

How to Extend The Life of Cotton Towels

Washing and maintenance of cotton towels:

1. Water temperature control
When washing pure cotton towels, try to avoid excessive water temperature. The best water temperature when washing is 30 degrees-35 degrees;

2. Use of builder
Using a small amount of detergent can make the surface of the cotton towel more fluffy and soft. Avoid pouring the detergent directly on the soft printed sport ice cool towel quotation for cleaning. The detergent residue will cause the towel to harden. It is recommended to use mild detergent;

When bleaching pure cotton towels, try to avoid using chlorine bleach;

When softening cotton towels, avoid using fabric softeners containing silicone resin. After such softeners are used, there will be a small amount of wax residue on the towels, which will affect the water absorption performance of cotton towels;

3. Matters needing attention
Color separation washing, especially light-colored cotton towels and dark-colored cotton wholesale bamboo fiber soft printed sport ice cool towel, should be washed separately;

Sorted washing. Pure cotton towels are double-sided coil fabrics. They should be washed separately from clothing, especially clothing with metal hooks, metal zippers, buttons, etc.

3. Bathrobe washing
Pure cotton bathrobes and pure cotton breathable and easy to clean organic bamboo fiber towel quotation are washed separately, and the bathrobes cannot be washed with drum-type laundry equipment;

Pure cotton bathrobes are heavy and bulky, so you can’t wash too many pieces at one time when washing;

During the washing process, put in the washing liquid first, and then put in the cotton bathrobe after mixing with water;

During the washing process, the temperature should be controlled within 50 degrees Celsius.

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