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The 127th Canton Fair Opened Online


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Because of the epidemic in 2020, the Canton Fair moved to the “cloud” for the first time.

On June 15th, the 127th Canton Fair officially opened. 50 virtual exhibition areas launched an all-day online promotion, supply and purchase matching, and online negotiation service. In many years, this is also the first time in the 63 years of the “cloud” fair. During the 10-day exhibition, the world’s premiere and Canton Fair’s first products unveiled. Presented a “Feast” made in China.

At the same time, several relevant departments are also introducing measures on intellectual property protection, financial services, customs clearance, and other aspects to escort enterprises to expand economic and trade cooperation. The analysis pointed out that the establishment of new platforms such as the Online Canton Fair and the introduction of supporting safeguards will bring new opportunities for foreign trade companies to expand their international markets and add new momentum to world economic and trade cooperation.

About the Fair:

According to the introduction, about 25,000 Chinese companies will participate in the current Canton Fair. 50 exhibition area set up according to 16 categories of commodities. In addition, overseas exhibition groups and enterprises have about 400 enterprises from about 30 countries and regions.

Since this exhibition displayed online, the exhibitors arranged this time are also participating online according to the exhibition area located.

As a regular visitor of the Canton Fair, even in the event of an epidemic, he continued to exhibit. This time because it is an online exhibition, unlike the past, our company has also begun to prepare in advance before the start to better show the company online, and actively prepare for the first online Canton Fair.

Online, we also photographed exquisite digital printed custom towel products for everyone to get a good product viewing experience online. Of course, the most anticipated part is the online live broadcast.

127th Canton Fair Opened Online

About live streaming:

The live broadcast scenes of this Canton Fair divided into two types: public and private.

The public live broadcast is the relevant information confirmed by the manufacturer and multiple parties, similar to the live broadcast hall.

The non-public live broadcast is a scene of one-to-one communication between the two parties. It relatively privately displays the manufacturer’s true and reliable supply chain and service capabilities. That is, for a certain product, the exhibitor and the purchaser initiate a one-to-one exchange if both parties are willing to Live communication.

Exhibitors have at least one live room in the exhibition area, and the maximum number is based on the company’s exhibition area and a number of booths. There is no national or regional restriction on the location of live broadcast events in the live broadcast rooms of exhibiting companies.

Our company will also open the live broadcast function during this exhibition, everyone can learn about online consultation.

To enter our online booth, you can search for “Exhibitor Jiangsu Busy Man Textile Co., Ltd.” or search for “Booth 15.1I25”. Welcome everyone to consult.

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