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Some factors affecting the color fastness of printed towels


Now everyone’s living conditions are better, and the things they use are getting more and more high-end. But because of the improvement of living standards, the requirements for using products are also getting higher and higher. Especially for those products that are in close contact with oneself, the requirements are even higher. As far as current clothing, towels produced by microfiber baby hooded towel supplier, and bath towels are concerned, diversity, rub resistance, and high color fastness are all important issues for consumers.

This article will talk about colorfastness to everyone. Several factors that affect the color fastness of active digital printing have been found in the customized production of printed towels. Let’s take a look.

1. The surface of the fabric is rough
Unfixed dyes are the main cause of poor colorfastness in the customization of gift towels produced by textile jacquard bath towel manufacturers. Under dry conditions, those fabrics with a rough surface can easily rub the accumulated dyes, paints, or other colored substances on the surface of the fabric if dry rubbing is performed. Later, the color fastness to rubbing further decreased.

2. The influence of reactive dye structure
Now part of the dyed fibers will break when rubbed, which will form tiny colored fiber particles, which are likely to be transferred to the fabric, which will also cause staining.

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3. The effect of color shade
In the customized printing of towels, it is found that the color fastness to wet rubbing of fabrics dyed with reactive dyes is closely related to the depth of dyeing. Among them, the oversaturation of the dye during dyeing is the most important factor. The concentration of dye used when dyeing dark colors is relatively high, but it cannot exceed the saturation value, because the excess dye cannot be combined with the fiber, but only The accumulation of floating colors on the surface of the fabric will seriously affect the color fastness to wet rubbing of the fabric, which will affect the customized colorfastness of printed towels produced by microfiber printed yoga towel supplier.

4. The influence of fabric structure
Regarding the influence of fabric structure and surface morphology on colorfastness, in fact, everyone has not paid much attention to it. Because of the relatively loose fabric structure of the light and thin fabric, during dry friction, the sample will partly slip with the movement of the friction head under the action of pressure and friction, thereby increasing the friction resistance.

5. The effect of softener
I think there should be more softener when you talk about it. Our digital direct-injection gift towels will also be used in customization. The softener has a lubricating effect and can reduce the coefficient of friction to prevent the dye from falling off. Cationic softeners can also form lakes with anionic dyes, and the dyes are not easy to fall off. But if you want to have good colorfastness, high-quality reactive digital printing ink, the amount of ink must be within the range that the fabric can withstand, and reasonable steaming and sufficient washing and soaping. You can add a softener and fixing agent if necessary. But do not add too much softener, because this will affect the water absorption of the towel produced by textile jacquard bath towel supplier.

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