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Smart digital printing is becoming more and more popular


Last year, due to the impact of the epidemic, many traditional companies were unable to ship products within an accurate time due to the failure of employees to arrive normally. Therefore, many business owners also realized that the tradition needs to be changed to modern intelligence.

However, because the current domestic epidemic situation is well controlled, many people are also indifferent to the epidemic and feel that the epidemic seems to be getting farther and farther away from them.

Don’t have this idea. The form of the epidemic in the world is still very serious. The number of infections is also increasing. And now that the temperature is starting to drop, the epidemic is likely to usher in a second outbreak. In addition, in the news I read before, due to the epidemic, some countries will even begin to lock down cities/countries again.

For now, the prevention and control of the epidemic is still the top priority, and the transformation of enterprises is still an increasingly important issue.

Like the current digital printing field, traditional printing has been developing more and more slowly under the current environmental protection inspections, and it is very dependent on labor. Therefore, if the person cannot be on duty normally, it will undoubtedly be very big for production. Impact. Digital printing technology is more intelligent, requires less labor, and is faster in production.

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In fact, as the top technology in the printing industry, digital printing can be said to be booming in the entire industry. Especially in the past 5 years, the development of digital printing can also be said to be in its golden development period, the market for digital printing. The share is also showing extremely rapid growth, and now that environmental protection is strictly checked, traditional printing is showing signs of fatigue, while digital printing is developing faster and better at this stage.

In fact, in many industries now, we can find that many products are directly produced by digital printing technology, or many industries now have digital printing traces, such as variety shows, ball games, concerts, fans support, Anniversary celebrations, event souvenirs, animation peripherals, corporate background pictures…all can be customized to produce corresponding products in line with the theme through digital printing technology. It is exactly what you want, and you can basically print what you want.

And now, digital printing does not require plate making, no pattern, no restriction on color registration, production speed is also faster, and the MOQ is also lower. It is completely suitable for the current life concept of fast fashion, and it is very good.

For example, our company’s current digital printing technology has achieved stable mass production, and we have many years of production experience in the introduction and learning of digital printing for many years, so we can definitely choose with confidence.

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