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Shenzhen Color Textile provides high-quality towel products


Do you remember the “Zhangqiu Iron Pot” that was so popular before?

In 2018, thanks to the popular broadcast of “A Bite of China”, Zhangqiu Iron Wok also became a hit overnight. A lot of people are starting to rush to buy. The price of Zhangqiu iron pot has also risen from about two hundred yuan at the beginning to about two thousand yuan. But even if the price has risen, the number of purchasers is still large.

Speaking of Zhangqiu iron pots, in fact, the authentic Zhangqiu iron pots are all handmade. From start to finish, they need to go through twelve processes. Then go through 18 times of fire, tempered at 1000 degrees, and withstand 36,000. Thousands of forging, until the pot is like a mirror.

But it’s such a good pot, why would it be “cold” after it’s been hot?
In fact, the main point is because of the hot market. Many manufacturers and experienced families have begun to join the production of Zhangqiu iron pots. However, in order to make a lot of money, the manufacturers cut corners and reduce production steps. Resulting in the quality of the products are not up to the standard.

Consumers want to buy authentic Zhangqiu iron pots. But now they are buying inferior products. Word of mouth and sales will definitely plummet, and naturally fewer people will buy them.

Such a good product, because of the cutting corners of the black-hearted manufacturers, a good hand is really broken.

In fact, Zhangqiu Iron Pot is just an example. Many other industries also have a lot of these things happening.

high quality towel products

In the field of China printing bamboo hooded towels of our company, due to the impact of the epidemic, employees of traditional printing companies cannot arrive on time, and orders cannot be completed on time. Therefore, many traditional companies are also aware of the problems of traditional printing, so they are also many companies. Started to introduce digital printing customization technology to reduce dependence on manpower.

It’s just that there are more and more digital printing manufacturers in the market now, and how to make it possible to occupy the market is a very important thing. Large companies are fine, but it is more difficult for small companies to occupy the market. The competition is too great.

In order to occupy the market, many digital printing manufacturers will adopt low-cost methods to attract customers. In fact, everyone wants to buy low-priced, high-quality products, but it is really difficult to buy good products at low prices.

For example, some digital printing manufacturers now report very low prices, and they also indicate that their products are of very good quality. If the cost is much higher than the quoted price based on the market price, why do they quote such a low price?

There are many production steps for digital printing, and the requirements for fabrics are also very high. Therefore, many manufacturers will use low-weight fabrics to produce to reduce costs. The production steps will also reduce production steps to reduce costs. In addition, everyone should know that ink is needed in the printing process and the price of good ink is not low. So in order to save costs a lot of manufacturers will also use cheap inferior ink to reduce costs. It’s just that the use of inferior ink will not only cause color loss or cause harm to the human body, it is very undesirable.

In fact, there are many situations like this in the market. This will only make you lose your customers and your company will lose credibility, and it will also affect the entire digital printing market.

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