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Several characteristics of absorbent towels


Absorbent towels are very important to many female friends. Because every time you wash your hair, you will use a hairdryer to dry it, but it will damage your hair. Absorbent towels have a great effect. Its super water absorption rate will absorb most of the moisture in the hair in a short time, making the hair easy to dry. So today we come to understand what are the characteristics of absorbent towels.

The absorbent towel is actually a kind of textile made of superfine fiber. Because the fineness is very fine, the hardness of the silk is reduced, making the superfine fiber fabric feel extremely soft.

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What are the characteristics of absorbent towels?

1. Absorbent towels are soft and smooth, feel comfortable, bright colors, strong abrasion resistance, and have unique resilience;

2. The bamboo fiber cross-section of the absorbent towel is covered with oval pores, which can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water, which is cool and comfortable;

3. Absorbent towels can be antibacterial and sterilization and the sterilization rate can reach 75% or more;

4. Absorbent towels are UV resistant and environmentally friendly.

What are the uses of absorbent towels?

Absorbent towels are widely used in various industries such as personal sanitary ware, utensils scrubbing, and beauty. The first absorbent towel was especially used for diving athletes. It was very absorbent and could quickly absorb water from athletes. Nowadays, absorbent towels have also been brought to home life. They can instantly absorb water stains and wipe mirrors.

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