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Round Cotton Beach Towel

Color Textile is a professional large round cotton mandala beach towel factory, supply round cotton beach towel factory price, welcome to consult wholesale large round cotton mandala beach towel. The cotton digital printed beach towel is made of custom fabric, and the front cut velvet reverse loop is softer and more comfortable than the general beach towel. It adopts natural environmentally friendly ink, the colorfastness can reach 4-5, and the color is more perfect. Tassel support customization

Features of Round Cotton Beach Towel

1. Not limited to order quantity, not limited to flower type, unlimited color, unlimited size
2. Unique fabric quality, using high quality raw materials and advanced weaving process
3. Advanced production technology, high color fastness, and good hand feeling
4. No plate making, the price is lower than the market average
5. Standing fabrics and basic consumables for ultra-short delivery
6. Unique geographical advantages, saving logistics advantages

Parameters of Round Cotton Beach Towel

Product Name: wholesale digital printed custom large round cotton mandala beach towels
Material: Imported A+ cotton yarn, very tight weaving, smooth & soft velour.
Size: diameter 150*150 cm or as customized, no size limit
Logo: Printed or embroidered as customized
Weight: 400gsm ,or customized
Color: as customized, no color limit, digital direct injection to create the 3D effect
Shape: round; square; irregular as customized, no shape limit
Special Feature: excellent water absorption than a normal towel
high color fastness, Eco-friendly, healthy and comfortable
no mold printing  and reduce the cost
Artwork: No limit of colors, design or size. Giving the true color of painting, cartoon, and landscape. So busy man towels look like art.
MOQ: 100pcs, low MOQ!
Sample Time: Within 3 days
Delivery Time: Within 7 days
Packaging: 1pc/opp polybag,500pcs,45*37*40cm, G.W./N.W.12/11kg

Color Textile is a professional China large round cotton mandala beach towel supplier, supply high quality&factory price round cotton beach towel, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price round cotton beach towel, welcome to consult wholesale large round cotton mandala beach towel factory price for free.

Application and After-Sales Service of Round Cotton Beach Towel

Why do more and more customers choose the Jiangsu Towel Printing Factory when they choose the printing towel factory? I don’t know if you know that the current customers will choose the Jiangsu towel printing factory when they choose the towel printing factory.

As a modern textile city, Nantong is located in Jiangsu Province. It is also the development of home textiles in Nantong, making Jiangsu Province among the best in the country.

The towel printing factory in Jiangsu is mainly distributed in Nantong. Because of its early development, it has many years of experience and experienced printing technicians. With many years of experience in the development of the textile industry, the printing towel factory here and other Compared with the region, it also has great advantages.

However, if it is a traditional printing, the traditional printing techniques in other regions have developed very well over the years. However, as a digital printing towel technology in Jiangsu towel printing factory, there are some gaps.

Digital printing technology has been around for a long time, but it should be developed in recent years, so the industry is also called the golden age of digital printing.

Digital printing comes in. With the development of society, the improvement of people’s living standards has gradually become a custom technology that everyone loves. From clothing to towels, from carpet to wall, all aspects of life seem to have digital printing technology. Blessing.

Jiangsu is not lazy as the Jiangsu towel printing factory was directly attracted to the digital printing towel when it first saw it. Such unrestricted printing customization technology will definitely replace the traditional printing technology and become the printing custom technology with more market share in the future. At that time, digital printing had not yet reached a golden age.

In the past two years, environmental pollution has become a problem that all enterprises attach great importance to. Traditional printing is also showing signs of fatigue under the pressure of environmental protection, and digital printing is different. The ink used in digital printing is green and environmentally friendly. Therefore, in fact, environmental protection can be said to be digital printing. That is to say, under such circumstances, it entered the golden period of development.

Moreover, the machines used in the Jiangsu Towel Printing Factory are basically advanced. Especially in the digital printing industry, there are many manufacturers of digital printing machines, but there are only a handful of manufacturers of advanced high-speed digital printing machines, not to mention the two. There are quite a few in Jiangsu. Jiangsu is not lazy, there are two high-speed digital printing machines, the total value is directly close to 10 million, and the total output value directly exceeds 200 million.

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