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Questions frequently asked by customers


People often ask us:

“Are your digital prints really made of pure cotton? When will digital prints be printed on pure cotton fabrics”?

Let me tell you here that with the development of digital printing technology, pure cotton has long been no longer a technical problem.

Don’t question digital printing technology, don’t question digital printing products.

“I don’t want you to know, I want me to know…!”

Questions frequently asked by customers

People often ask us:

“My client is Japanese, can you communicate smoothly”?

Our company is equipped with professional Chinese, English, and Japanese trilingual business sales, and there is no obstacle to communication.

Hello, I’m Lily, the English salesperson of Jiangsu Nolaren Textile Co., Ltd.

(Hello, I am Jiangsu Busyman Textile Co., Ltd. English Sales Lily)

Hello, I’m Jiangsu Nolazy Textile Co., Ltd. Japanese Sales Alex


A few more words, the answer is fluent.

People often ask us:

“Will your company go to the exhibition?”

Not going to, but going to exhibitions in many regions.

China Fair, Canton Fair, Osaka Fair, Tokyo International Gift Fair, Dubai Fair… are all exhibitions that our company will attend.

Every year at the exhibition site, our company will carry various products such as exquisite digital printing, and welcome everyone to come and watch.

Talking about business is one aspect, and so is industry exchange.

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