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Popular colors for digital printing towel customization


When the blue of this year’s bulk product meets digital printing customization technology, it is described in two words.
In fact, this year, “blue is really fire”.
What a retro and deep dark blue;
What a fresh and gentle light blue;
What bright and clear cobalt blue;

It’s really out of the circle.
In fact, this blue is not only on clothing, but also on microfiber cool sports towel price, decoration boards, wallpaper, shoes…, it is involved, and its popularity is not low.

In fact, if only traditional technology is used to produce towels, the blue color will not necessarily become hot.

For example, blue towels are like if you use traditional jacquard plain production, the quality may be guaranteed, but it is more difficult to make a breakthrough in style. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to carry out high-end customized production under quality assurance at this time to make it more attractive to customers.

In fact, when it comes to towel customization, it must be the method of printing customization. At this stage, it is the printed customized towel that really makes the towel enter a new level.
Now everyone’s living conditions are getting better and better. Fast fashion and personalization are the directions that everyone chooses for shopping, and digital printing technology is perfectly adapted to the current social development and the needs of consumers.

Tips for towel quality identification

And this year, Pantone, an international color popular agency, also released the 2021 popular colors: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray.

As for why these two colors were chosen, the official explanation is that. Bright yellow is a bright and cheerful color that can make people feel long-lasting invigoration and warmth, which can be associated with warm sun. Ultimate gray is the most common color in nature, representing stability and resilience, and can calm people’s hearts. The combination of these two colors represents thoughtfulness, optimism, and at the same time gives people a sense of peace of mind.

In fact, seeing the 2021 fashion colors released, do you have a general understanding of the general direction of next year’s products?
Designers, who customize printed mandala round beach towel price patterns?
Knowing the popular color, can the pattern be designed?

But can the design be customized? This color does not have low technical requirements.

Therefore, if the color requirements are high, then digital printing customization technology is needed to produce.

Speaking of the blue of the fire this year, in fact, it is not only that the color is printed well, but the style and design also need to be perfectly customized.

However, digital printing does not require plate making and pattern color registration and only needs to import the designed pattern. In addition, the size of the product can also be customized according to demand, which is simply excellent.

Now the development of digital printing is getting better and better, and more and more manufacturers have introduced the technology on the market. However, there are still relatively few manufacturers that can stabilize mass production and reliable quality. It is better to keep your eyes open when choosing high-quality manufacturers.

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