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Polyester Bath Towel

Color Textile is a professional polyester bath towel manufacturer, supply quick dry wearable polyester bath towel factory price, welcome to consult wholesale quick dry wearable polyester bath towel. Cotton digital printing towel uses combed cotton custom fabric, printed with imported green ink, with the high colorfastness and high coloring rate. The product adopts the digital printing towel direct spray process, the pattern on the towel is high-definition vivid, the color is bright, the hand feels comfortable, and cares for every inch of your skin.

Features of Polyester Bath Towel

1. Not limited to order quantity, not limited to flower type, unlimited color, unlimited size
2. Unique fabric quality, using high quality raw materials and advanced weaving process
3. Advanced production technology, high color fastness, and good hand feeling
4. No plate making, the price is lower than the market average
5. Standing fabrics and basic consumables for ultra-short delivery
6. Unique geographical advantages, saving logistics advantages

Parameters of Polyester Bath Towel

Product name quick dry wearable Polyester beach bath towel
Material 100% microfiber
Size 80*160cm or customized
Weight 300gsm
Shape Rectangle or customized
Color Customized
Technic Heat transfer printing
Moq 100pcs
Sample Time 5 days
Quality Standard EU and USA market standard
Feature No color limit
Color Fastness Grade 4-5
Delivery Time 15 Days
Packaging 1pc/opp polybag,100pcs,45*37*40cm, G.W./N.W.12/11kg

Color Textile is a professional China quick dry wearable polyester bath towel supplier, supply high quality&factory price polyester bath towel, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price polyester bath towel, welcome to consult wholesale quick dry wearable polyester bath towel factory price for free.

Application and After-Sales Service of Polyester Bath Towel

Why is the future of digital printing towels bright?
If you only look at the market share of digital printing towels in previous years, you may feel that I am talking nonsense, but look at it now, it is right. In fact, from the development of digital printing towels in recent years, the development of digital printing is obvious to all. And in this field of printing, including traditional printing and digital printing, most of them are positive ideas for digital printing. However, it is not a simple matter for the industry to be able to develop positively. Therefore, in order for digital printing towels to develop rapidly, we must pay attention to the following points.

1. In the front-end application market, the means of digital printing is still relatively simple, and traditional printing has many special effects. In this piece, it still needs to continue to develop.

2. In terms of hardware and consumables, domestic software and transmission equipment are still relatively strong, but the core technology of core hardware has always been controlled by foreign countries. In particular, a part of the digital printing towel is an important accessory nozzle. There are several companies in China that are researching and developing, but the higher quality is produced by foreign companies. As long as the cost of successful sprinklers in domestic research can also be reduced a lot. There is also ink because most of the digitally printed towels will be directly used for high-end use of green, so the cost of ink is relatively high. And if the overall cost of digital printing is less than or equal to traditional printing, then the digital printing market will undoubtedly expand a lot. In addition, for companies with their own factories, it is still necessary for many entrepreneurs, including traditional craft companies, to constantly break through inherent thinking. In addition, if you can promote digital printing towels from the factory side, the middle consumables and nozzle manufacturers will have tremendous development momentum, and the entire digital printing industry will develop even faster. As a digital printing towel manufacturer with many years of experience, our company has been making contributions to the development of the whole industry.

For the development of digital printing, I believe that in the next 3-5 years, digital printing towels will usher in rapid development. The choice of digital printing towel technology is to believe its future development. Of course, it turns out that development is really good.

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