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How to solve the problem of towel bacteria

If a towel worth more than ten dollars can only be used for a month or so, it must be uneconomical for consumers. Since a towel will have some bacteria or peculiar smell after using it for about a month, this will give the consumer a feeling of uncleanness. In fact, it is not. For consumers, as long as they have accurately mastered the skills to solve the hair-tip bacteria, they can inherit the use. Next, we made the following analysis on how to solve the towel bacteria. Towels are fiber fabrics. If they are used for a long time, it is diffi...

How to distinguish towel quality

To choose a good towel, you can go through the following three steps: 1. Look at the label Qualified towel products should have standardized marks, which are mainly composed of 9 aspects, namely product name, executive standard, factory name and location, quality grade, fiber content, specification and model, washing mark, safety category, and certificate. Such as the safety category, divided into A (infant standard), B (adult standard), and C (non-direct skin contact towel produced by printing bamboo hooded towel factory). Quality grade: ex...

Eight ways to clean towels

Towels are indispensable in personal care. We all need towels when we take a bath or when we wipe sweat. For the towels bought in the market, don’t think they are clean. Buyback towels. It still needs to be cleaned to wash away some bacteria. The next little rabbit will talk about how to clean newly bought China printing bamboo hooded towels and how to clean used towels regularly. There are methods to choose from. Everyone should pay attention to hygiene and health. How to clean newly bought towels Add a little salt to the clean water, soak ...

The many uses of towels

I think everyone is familiar with towels in daily life. Although the styles, fabrics, and colors are various, the functions are the same. In addition to washing your face and taking a bath, does an ordinary towel have other uses? Don’t worry, Jiangsu Tengyu, as a professional towel brand, will reveal the secret to everyone today. There are many other uses for outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel factory. 1. Hot towels can relieve eye fatigue For some office workers, they are prone to eye fatigue due to daily computer opera...

Color Towel-Your Close Partner

Towels play an important role in people’s daily life. We “meet” with it every day. It can be said that towels are intimate partners who care for our skin. But when it comes to the rainy season, the air will be filled with the smell of humidity. At this time, people will be troubled by the excessive dampness and mildew of the absorbing sweat microfiber cool sports towel price list. Therefore, during the rainy season, towels are easily damaged, and the most “useless” time. In the final analysis, the towel material...

How to choose a good quality towel

The continuous spread of the epidemic has brought health protection into people’s field of vision again. As home textiles are essential products closely related to life, the requirements of health standards have gradually attracted attention. In this epidemic, people have developed a more hygienic lifestyle and gradually realized that “green, environmentally friendly, healthy, and comfortable” is the direction to buy home textile products. Antibacterial and anti-epidemic hand washing frequently, wholesale microfiber sports ...

The entire production process of towels

Towels are familiar to everyone, but do you all know the production process of towels? The wholesale microfiber sports ice-cool magic towel looks such a small piece, but its production process is not that simple. What preparatory preparations should be made to produce a towel? 1. Preliminary work of towels – Strict selection of raw materials: According to the use and characteristics of towels, after selecting suitable cotton raw materials, the cotton is twisted into yarn. 2. Preliminary work 2 for towels – yarn selection and pre-...

How to remove mildew on bath towels

In summer, the weather is sultry and humid, and if the bath towels are not cleaned in time, mildew will appear. Bath towels with mildew stains cannot be used. They may cause skin irritation at the slightest, and inflammation of the skin at the worst. The mood of everyone is too irritable, and the items at home will also have different degrees of mildew. How to remove them Mildew stains in wholesale bamboo animal printed microfiber hooded towel are the top priority. Today I will teach you some tips for removing mildew stains. 1. Use mung bean...
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