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Industrial-grade print heads landed, and the digital printing market continued to develop

There is a model of industrial nozzle that can be said to be supported by everyone in the entire digital printing industry. People who know digital printing should not be unfamiliar with this, so as a production nozzle whose application effect and stability have been recognized by the market, the equipment equipped with these nozzles has been widely used in the market, and some other manufacturers are also Thinking about replacing the nozzles on your own equipment to make the quality of the products you produce become higher and higher. Now,...

Another company has settled down, and digital printing companies welcome development again

A friend sent me a message this morning, saying that a large company directly opened a OnePlus branch in our surrounding city, focusing on the production of digital printing products. In the past so many years, one company after another has really begun to introduce digital printing technology as the core production technology of the company. There are also large companies and small companies, and the competition among them is also very fierce. As before, when digital printing technology had not reached its golden age, the traditional printi...

The development of digital printing is good

Looking at the current digital printing market, is there a feeling that more and more products in more and more industries are starting to use digital printing technology for production? I have also told you before that at the just-concluded Beijing Winter Olympics, digitally printed down jackets directly detonated the entire network, while other medal ribbons, “pillow quilts, fences, background boards, digital printing” made by digital printing technology Masks, etc. have also been on the hot search, and the products have also w...

What are the pre-press preparations for reactive digital printing towels?

Everyone thinks that digital printed towels are beautiful, but do you know what preparations need to be done before production in order to produce beautiful printed towels? 1. Check the functional integrity of each component of the equipment. Check whether the print head is blocked or slanted, calibrate the belt step, left and right offset, whether the belt washing system works normally, whether the drying system works normally, whether the information transmission between the computer and the printing machine is normal, whether the RIP outp...

The nozzle, the core component of the digital printing machine, is really important

The digital direct-injection print head of the digital printing machine is simply the “print head” that everyone usually calls it. It can be said that the print head is the core component of the digital printing machine. “If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.” The current digital printing nozzles are also developing very well. With the development and breakthrough of technology in these years, digital direct printing has long jumped out of the category of advertising inkjet printing. More tu...

Speeding up and shutting down some traditional enterprises, the upgrading of digital printing manufacturers has accelerated

In the recent period of time, many places have held some conferences on the transformation of traditional industries, and many traditional enterprises have also started the transformation and upgrading of enterprises under such circumstances. In fact, in recent years, many traditional enterprises in many regions have carried out the upgrade of traditional enterprises, and many manufacturers have started the upgrade operation under such circumstances. According to sources, under the leadership of the government, a number of companies have imp...

The use of bath towels is particular, and the incorrect use of bacteria is comparable to a “toilet”

When you take a shower every day, is this the case for you? After taking a shower, just pick up the bath towel to wipe your body clean, then just hang the bath towel on the towel rack and walk out of the bathroom. So, do you remember when was the last time you had a bath towel? Or do you think that the towel is just for your own use and won’t get dirty, so you don’t need to wash it at all? You know, if the towel is not cleaned in time after use, the bacteria it carries can even be comparable to your toilet! 1. Bath towels are bas...

Regular maintenance to solve the constant problem of small problems of digital printing machine

Equipment, especially precision equipment, everyone should know that it takes a long time to debug before it can be used normally. Precision machines also have their own running-in period, and they will need to be carried out after a period of use. maintenance, otherwise there will be various problems. As the most important equipment for the production of digital printing customized products, digital printing machine is also a very precise equipment. After using it for a period of time, it must be maintained, otherwise it will affect the pre...
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