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Some merchants: Will digital printing be just a flash in the pan?

In fact, digital printing has been told many times so far, but there are still a few who really understand digital printing. Two days ago, a merchant asked us: “Will digital printing be just a flash in the pan”. In fact, it feels incredible to hear this. Now that the digital printing industry is developing so hot, how could it be a flash in the pan? If it was a flash in the pan, it would have been eliminated long ago. Now because of the pressure of the social environment, many traditional printing companies have begun to introduc...

What kind of person is really suitable to start foreign trade?

Many people like to ask the old foreign trade before they even started, is foreign trade easy to do? Can I do a good job in foreign trade? Does changing the industry mean starting from scratch? What if the product is not selected at the beginning? What should I do if I meet an unscrupulous local boss? All questions can be answered in one sentence: true love is invincible! I have always felt that, apart from luck, successful people in the worldly sense should have two characteristics, good at thinking and good at acting. People who are good a...

Are digital printed towels expensive? Real feelings from a customer

hy are digital printed towels so expensive? This is what some of my consumers asked me when they were buying products. When a consumer asked for the first time, I was a little puzzled, but I explained it to him in detail. But then when the second, third, fourth… came to ask me, I felt that I had to talk to everyone. In fact, the price of digital printed towels here is almost double that of traditional printed towels, so it is normal for some consumers to think that it is expensive, but there must be a high price for such a high price. ...

Customer: Your digital printed towels just need to be printed on a machine…

Some time ago, a salesperson of our company told me that the customer expressed dissatisfaction with him because of the higher price when the customer inquired. The customer’s original words are like this: “Your digital printed towels are just printed on a machine. How can the price be so high? Look at those active MOQs that are a bit higher, but the price is lower. so many.” Sales followed by a good explanation. In fact, we often encounter such things. Although there are more and more digital printing technology products, more and mor...

What are you afraid of about cotton towels?

Now when we all choose towels, most of us will choose pure cotton towels. But you know that in addition to pure cotton, which is especially suitable for our lives, it also has its own fears. If you don’t do it right, its lifespan will be greatly reduced. “Fear” point 1: hang in a humid environment for a long time Hanging the towel in a humid environment for a long time will make it impossible to keep the towel dry. In this state, the pure cotton towel will produce acidic substances, which can easily make the towel hole, so ...

Exhibition Information | The first “China (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition is about to open, Busyman invites you to watch the show

In recent years, e-commerce has become a major trend in global commerce. As a leader in the field of e-commerce, China accounts for 45% of the world’s total transaction volume. Especially during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, e-commerce development ushered in a new round of rapid growth. In 2020, online retail sales increased by 9.7% year-on-year. Following the industry trend and the general trend of e-commerce development, the first “China (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition” will be held at the Shenzhen Inter...

Let’s take a look, 10 health care methods for towel hot compress

In Chinese medicine, “warm is good, but general is not painful.” Chinese medicine believes that warming with a towel can achieve the effect of warming, so in fact, the simple and common action of applying a hot towel has many benefits to the human body. Hot compress therapy can expand blood vessels, promote local blood circulation and metabolism, and is beneficial to the recovery of diseases. We accidentally bumped and bruised our body in our daily lives. We can also use warm compresses to promote the absorption of congestion. Bu...

Which is the ugliest and most popular color in the world?

1. The ugliest color in the world: In 2016, the Australian government commissioned researchers to find the ugliest and least popular colors and put them on cigarette packages to reduce people’s motivation to buy. Then, the most unpopular color that was finally found was: Pantone 448 C feces yellow. The label or association of this color is dirt, death, tar, etc. At the same time, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France will also use the same color. . The RGB color value of this color: 74 65 42 However, Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of...
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