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Digital printing towel factory printing nozzle daily maintenance

In the current digital printing towel factory, in addition to the maintenance of the digital printing machine, the maintenance of the nozzle is also a very, very important thing. If the maintenance is good, the life of the nozzle will be greatly extended, and now the nozzle is maintained well. , Allowing you to do more with half the effort in the production of digital printed towels. Digital printing towel factory printing nozzle daily maintenance 1. When we usually use digital printing machines for digital printing towel production, nozzle ...

What are the advantages of setting up a factory by an enterprise?

Many suppliers now prefer to have a company with their own factory when choosing a third-party manufacturer instead of just choosing a trading company. Why is this, because companies with their own production companies have obvious advantages over companies without their own companies. In fact, companies that have their own factories can have a good direct connection with the factory during production, and the factory will wholeheartedly produce for the company’s orders, will not slack on product quality, and will not be slow in time. Like o...

How to deal with the size spots caused by the sizing of digital printing fabrics?

Now the development of digital printing technology is very fast. It is not only the development of technology and the reduction of cost that the current digital printing technology is accepted by more and more people, and the market becomes larger and larger. And because of the impact of the epidemic, intelligent digital printing technology has also been favored by traditional printing manufacturers, and many traditional printing manufacturers are also transforming into digital printing manufacturers. However, there are more and more digital...

Microfiber towels, you have to use them well when you wipe the car

When you use towels, do you remember that you need to use a face towel to wash your face, a bath towel to wipe your body, a car wipe when you wipe the car, and even glasses cloth when you wipe your glasses… But as everyone now knows that you need to use a car wipe to wipe a car, why do some people use a car wipe to hurt the paint? The reason is simple, that is, the car wipes have to be used well. In fact, many people now think that the towel is so soft, how can it hurt the paint of the car? In fact, it’s like some pimple on your ...

These towels are really beautiful

In the current market, more and more categories of towels are appearing, and various customized towels are constantly appearing to meet various needs in the market. The common custom-made towel technologies are embroidery, jacquard, embossing, laser, printing…, but now because of the development of technology, towels have more and more seaming methods on the seam, and some will use custom-made seams. Threads are used to sew the edges, some will change the style of the seam, and some will even add some lace and pleated styles on the sea...

The Hermes in the 1200 yuan towel, in fact, the quality of these towels is also very good

Towels are small things that everyone comes into contact with every day in their lives. It can be said that they can be seen everywhere. In everyone’s mind, the price of towels is average, not much more than tens of dollars. But do you know? The price of a high-end towel from Japan can reach 1,200 yuan. You may know this towel brand, which is now the Imabari towel in Japan. Speaking of Imabari towels, one would think of the three major towel production bases in Japan, the Quanzhou area of ​​Osaka, the Imabari area of ​​Shikoku, and the...

Looking at the current market, traditional enterprises are in urgent need of transformation

Looking at the current market, the business of traditional enterprises is becoming more and more difficult to do. It is really impossible to do without a transformation. In the past few days, the editor saw an article saying that in the future, traditional enterprises may be destroyed in the hands of young people. Why do you say that? In fact, many of the workers in many traditional enterprises are non-local employees, so many people will not return to the factory after returning during the Chinese New Year. Therefore, the current rework rat...

What are the disadvantages of digital printing? Let’s see what the manufacturer says

Digital printing is now a printing technology with great development advantages. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many traditional printing manufacturers are transforming to digital printing technology. It can be found that there are more and more digital printing manufacturers on the market. But what are the disadvantages of digital printing on the market now? Let’s see what the factory technicians say. ● too fast Compared with traditional printing, digital printing technology is much faster in printing speed. For example, our compa...
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