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What are the business scopes of digital printing? Can be much

In fact, digital printing technology has been in development for more than 20 years since its inception. For more than 20 years, some people may have to ask, why haven’t we seen the large-scale promotion of digital printing products for so many years? The development of digital printing technology takes time. At the beginning, the digital printing technology is not perfect, so it needs to be improved continuously. Therefore, because of the imperfect technology and high cost, it did not get much. Promotion. In recent years, digital prin...

Fashionable digital printing small square scarf

Towels now not only represent towels used to wipe the face and body, but also include sports towels, beach towels, small square towels and many other towel categories. The small square is actually a small towel that can be carried directly with you as the name suggests. In the old days, it was actually the red square that was worn on the bride’s head. You see how festive. Moreover, the small squares nowadays are also very different from before. The blessing of many customized technologies also makes the small squares become more and mo...

Tens of millions of equipment blessings, digital printing towel production tools are ready

If you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want to produce excellent digital printed towel products, a good digital printed towel machine is indispensable. Our company is currently equipped with two advanced high-speed digital printing machines, one is the most advanced domestic high-speed digital direct-injection printing machine, and the other is the Zimmer high-speed digital printing machine imported from Austria. It is hoped that this high-tech equipment is worth 2.2 million yuan, equipped with 32 Japanese Xingguan...

Printed beach towels on the beach are really dazzling

What is the most eye-catching thing to go to the beach Of course it’s a bikini full of eyes But apart from the bikini, I believe the printed beach towel that attracts everyone’s attention is the printed beach towel. Looks dumbfounded, right? Actually, there is nothing dumbfounded. You can just go to the beach and take a look. In fact, you can say that beach towels are one of the essential items when you go to the beach to play. When you are resting on the beach in the sun, it is impossible to lie down directly on the beach. At this tim...

It’s 2021, how can you still not understand the applicable fields of digital printing?

Recently, there is a relatively high frequency question: which areas are digital printed towels suitable for? In fact, I have talked to you about this issue before, and I will explain it to you here. Let me first explain to you what is digital printing? Digital printing is actually printing performed by digital technology. Similar to it is the traditional printing technology that has been developed for many years. But the difference between digital printing technology and traditional printing technology is quite big. It is specifically manif...

What should I do if the ink is incorrectly added to the digital printing towel printer?

Digital printing towel printers are expensive, of course, only such expensive and sophisticated machines can produce such exquisite digital printing 100% cotton baby bamboo fiber hooded towel quotation products. As a very important accessory in digital printing, the ink has always been needed. Inks are classified according to the color base, generally divided into pigment-based inks and dye-based inks; according to solvents, they are divided into water-based inks and oil-based inks. Inks of different properties cannot be mixed. But in the cu...

The future development trend of digital printing towels

As a major textile country, my country has also developed very well in the textile industry. Moreover, the current digital printing technology can be said to be relatively mature, and the scope of application is constantly expanding and growing. It’s just how to define the trend of digital printing in future development. 1. With the future trend of innovation and technology, we can find that printing the fabrics used by users is also one of the most important points. Just like our digital printed towel field produced by instant cooling...

Can cotton print digitally printed towels?

I have also met customers before and asked our company, how can digital printing be printed on cotton? And at an exhibition this year, exhibitors asked our company what kind of fabric the 100% cotton baby bamboo fiber hooded towel quotation was made of. When they heard it was made of cotton, they really didn’t believe it. He said how can digital printing be printed on cotton? It was a good explanation at the scene. In fact, why do many people have the idea that digital printing cannot be printed on cotton? The reasons are probably the...
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