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A friend doing sports events said: digital print custom product quality is real cattle

This customer of our company is mainly engaged in sports events. Since some clothes and towels in sports events need to be customized, he also found some manufacturers to make customized production. In fact, he did not believe in printing technology at the very beginning, because the printing technology was not particularly perfect at that time, so the product price was very high and the quality was relatively ordinary, so at the beginning, he still used embroidery or embossing to make customization. However, after the improvement of digital...

The digital printing market is getting bigger and bigger, and the traditional printing market is being covered

Looking at the current market, the market of digital printing is becoming bigger and bigger, and the market share of digital printing in the whole printing market is becoming bigger and bigger. Especially under the influence of the epidemic in the past few years, many traditional printing manufacturers were unable to deliver goods on time because many employees of traditional printing enterprises could not go to work normally. Under such influence, many traditional printing manufacturers also wanted to quickly transform to digital printing. ...

The oversized digital printing machine has been introduced. Have you seen it?

This morning I saw a friend send a message that an enterprise introduced a digital printing machine, the width of this digital printing machine is directly more than 4 meters. In fact, the vast majority of digital printing machines on the market are about 1.5 meters wide, and now there is a printing machine with a width of more than 4 meters, which can really be called a giant printing machine. Such digital printing machines are mainly used for the production of carpets. There are many small carpets in the market before, but few such large c...

Nozzle and ink for digital printing products have a great impact

The market growth of digital printing products is a big trend now, and the quality of printing products directly plays a very important role in whether an enterprise can stand on the market. Among them, the quality of sprinkler head directly determines the overall quality and speed of digital printing, and the quality of digital printing ink also directly affects the use of sprinkler head. In the process of digital ink jet printing, the quality of the nozzle and the various nozzle control is particularly important, nozzle parameters directly...

In the era of personalized customization, digital printing customization has been dominant

You know what? In fact, from the third century BC, people had begun to print on textiles. However, there is no comparison between the technical level at that time and the current technical level, but it cannot be denied that print customization has already received everyone’s love. Printed textiles are also created to meet the need for personalization by producing attractive patterns on the fabric. The development of digital printing The development of digital printing technology has experienced a lot since its development. The cost re...

Continuous high temperature, digital printing direct spray nozzle failure rate increased?

This period of time, some manufacturers friends are saying that there are some problems, and one of them is that the failure rate of the digital printing nozzle of the equipment is much higher. Why there will be an increase in the number of failures, in fact, it is very simple should be because of the size of the weather high temperature. In chat with many manufacturers, we have found a situation that is a lot of manufacturers in order to save some electricity were not open air conditioning, direct to control temperature, thus causing the ma...

Making towels is like cooking. You have to get over yourself first

I had a chat with a chef friend before. He said that he had a minimum standard when cooking, that is, he must dare to eat the food he cooked. He must first go through his own barrier, and then he would think about setting up the plate. In fact, later think about in our towel industry is also, their own production of towels at least dare to use it, such a towel is to achieve the lowest production requirements. For example, there are many processes in the production of digital printing towels. Only when every step is well controlled, can high-...

And directly purchased a number of digital printing equipment, products doubled at the same time the competition is also several times

Another enterprise directly purchased several sets of digital printing equipment to improve the production speed of the enterprise to receive more orders. In fact, during this period of time, there have been a number of enterprises with technology began to constantly improve their production capacity, which is obviously reflected in the great growth of digital printing equipment. In fact, under the epidemic situation two years ago, digital printing manufacturers have seen continuous growth. However, many traditional printing manufacturers ne...
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