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More than 90% of enterprises switched to digital printing, just because digital printing is a trend


Yesterday, the bosses of several digital printing manufacturers communicated with each other. One of the bosses said that his company actually introduced the digital printing technology at the beginning of 2021. However, within a year, he directly placed orders from his company. More than 90% of them are transferred to digital printing technology orders. And this is because he believes that digital printing is a trend.

In fact, driven by the epidemic situation and the development of the e-commerce economy in recent years, traditional technologies are definitely not able to meet the needs of the production and development of the current society. Therefore, it can be said that traditional printing is definitely not feasible in the printing field, and digital printing is the future development trend.

Nowadays, more and more traditional printing manufacturers are transforming to digital printing technology. In fact, it is not only because of the greater demand for digital printing in the market, but also because of the development of digital printing technology in the past few years. Yes, digital printing technology has developed rapidly in recent years. From the previous high cost, average product quality, and slow production speed, the current production speed is super fast, and the quality of the product is very high. And the cost has also been greatly reduced, directly showing a very rapid growth posture in the entire printing industry with a very strong posture.

Now digital printing is indeed the future development trend of the printing industry, and more and more manufacturers are learning this, and they are also upgrading and introducing digital printing technology.

Our company is now in the 9th year in the digital printing industry, and it has been stable mass production for many years. You can rest assured to place orders.

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