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Microfiber Printing Beach Towel

Color Textile is a professional durability microfiber printing beach towel supplier, supply durability microfiber printing beach towel factory price, welcome to consult wholesale durability microfiber printing beach towel price list. Cotton digital printing towel uses combed cotton custom fabric, printed with imported green ink, with the high colorfastness and high coloring rate. The product adopts the digital printing towel direct spray process, the pattern on the towel is high-definition vivid, the color is bright, the hand feels comfortable, and cares for every inch of your skin.

Features of Microfiber Printing Beach Towel

1. Not limited to order quantity, not limited to flower type, unlimited color, unlimited size
2. Unique fabric quality, using high quality raw materials and advanced weaving process
3. Advanced production technology, high color fastness, and good hand feeling
4. No plate making, the price is lower than the market average
5. Standing fabrics and basic consumables for ultra-short delivery
6. Unique geographical advantages, saving logistics advantages

Parameters of Microfiber Printing Beach Towel

Product name Custom High quality and durability Microfiber Printing Beach Towel
Material 100% polyester microfiber
Size 75*150cm or customized
Weight 300gsm
Shape Rectangle or customized
Color Customized
Technic Photo digital printing
Moq 100pc
Sample Time 5 days
Quality Standard EU and USA market standard

Color Textile is a professional China durability microfiber printing beach towel supplier, supply high quality&factory price durability microfiber printing beach towel price list, if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price microfiber printing beach towel, welcome to consult wholesale durability microfiber printing beach towel factory price for free.

Application and After-Sales Service of Microfiber Printing Beach Towel

Talk to everyone about the design of digital printing. In fact, at about 2010, when everyone talked about digital printing technology, it said that this would be the development direction of the entire printing industry. Many people still didn’t believe it, but now? The development of digital printing technology is not obvious to all, and the market share is growing at an incredible level.
There is an old saying in the printing industry: “Three-point depends on the pattern, and the seven-point depends on the color”, but the traditional amount of printing is difficult to meet the requirements of this color, so this sentence will appear, and now the digital printing technology It is a good solution to the problem of color, so in fact, the pattern is now a more important point. This is not to say that the importance of the pattern has exceeded the color, but it should be said that the color and pattern can be regarded as five or five points.

In the past, because of the limitations of the equipment, the pattern was limited by the color of the color, so many times it was necessary to restrict the design of the pattern. After the emergence of digital printing, the restriction of the color pattern is gone, and the design pattern can be customized for digital printing.

Nowadays, digital printing is almost custom-made, so more and more manufacturers are designing printing patterns to produce products. Of course, many merchants will design their own designs to find excellent digital printing factories for production and processing. The production of digital printing designers is to consider how to express the color and the creativity of the pattern. At the moment when the individualized needs are more and more important, the designers are also different to break the original framework.

As a professional creative towel manufacturer, we have always had our own original design team to choose the beautiful patterns for you. Of course, we can also put forward our own needs. Our company will design the favorite group according to their own needs.

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