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Meizu has also entered the printing industry. Netizens: Aren’t you a mobile phone maker?


Early in the morning, I heard from friends that Meizu is going to enter the clothing industry, and some styles are directly blessed with printing.

The entry of Meizu, which makes mobile phones, into the clothing industry actually indirectly shows that the current digital printing technology is really very popular among consumers and the market.

Compared with traditional printing technology, the market share of digital printing is growing too fast. In just a few years, the share of the entire market has increased significantly. In addition to benefiting from the improvement of digital printing technology, these are the development of the market, the improvement of the consumption level and the strict inspection of the environmental protection market.

In recent years, digital printing technology has been perfected, and the cost of production has been greatly reduced, so digital printing has also developed very well. In addition, during the strict inspection of environmental protection, many manufacturers with large pollution were There has been a phenomenon of technical rectification and closure, and many traditional printing manufacturers have also carried out rectification under such circumstances. Digital printing is inherently low energy consumption, green and environmental protection, so in such a situation, the development is getting better and better, and the market is also developing faster and faster.

In addition, there are technologies and opportunities and there must be a market. The current market is developing rapidly, and everyone’s consumption level is also higher. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to choose customized products with digital printing technology.

Digital printing can be said to be in full swing now, and everyone must choose products customized by digital printing.

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