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Making towels is like cooking have to get past yourself first


I chatted with a chef friend before, and he said that he is a chef and has a minimum standard when he cooks, that is, he must dare to eat the dishes he finishes, and then he will think about putting them on the plate.

In fact, later I thought about it in our towel industry. At least you have to dare to use the towels you produce. Such towels can be regarded as meeting the minimum production requirements.

There are many processes for the production of digitally printed wholesale microfiber sublimation printed sports towel. Only when every step is well controlled can high-quality products be produced.

The current digital printing production steps are as follows
Fabric weaving-sizing and setting-inkjet printing-steaming-washing-drying-cutting-sewing-inspection-first needle inspection-packaging-second needle inspection-packing.
Starting from fabric weaving, every step requires a meticulous operation, otherwise, it will have a different impact on the quality of the product, and it is very likely that inferior products will be produced. There may be some steps that everyone thinks are very simple, there are some things to pay attention to, but don’t take it seriously, each step will have a great impact on the final product.
Like the current digital printing, the market is becoming bigger and bigger, and more and more manufacturers have introduced technology, but why are so many manufacturers unable to produce high-quality products?
In fact, manufacturers who have just introduced technology need a period of experience to accumulate, and they need to adjust and improve in continuous printing and production so that they can gradually produce high-quality products. Of course, each step from fabric weaving to final packing still needs its own Only by doing so can we produce high-quality products.

how to solve the problem of towel bacteria

And compared with traditional printing, digital printing technology is more perfect in customization.
● Digital printing does not require plate making, short proofing time, and low price
● Digital printing MOQ is low
● Digital printing products have higher precision and better results
● Digital printing production cycle is short and faster
● Digital printing is more intelligent

Of course, what is more, attractive is that digital printing has no restrictions on size, pattern, and color in customization. It can really print what you want, so various sizes, various styles, and various types of methods. Towels face towels, sports towels, bath towels, beach towels, sports microfiber instant cooling magic cooling towel free sample, background painting customization… all came into being.

Now everyone’s life is getting better and better, so consumers’ pursuit of quality of life is constantly improving. Now everyone likes fast fashion, and what they like is personalized customization. Traditional printing can no longer meet the needs of many consumers at this stage, and the unlimited customization of digital printing has just adapted to the market and the production of consumers. Demand is also adapted to the current environmental protection development.

Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers introducing digital printing technology on the market, but there are very few companies that can stabilize mass production and can guarantee the quality, so when you buy, you must choose a formal company to place an order for production.

Our company has been researching on digital printing for 7 years, and stable mass production has also been for 5 years. You can buy it with confidence.

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