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The influx of large orders into China will be a long-term phenomenon


A few days ago, an article about “A large number of Indian orders flooded into China” hit the Internet, and many business owners also expressed great concern about this.

Now, because the country’s epidemic prevention and control measures in India are not very satisfactory (as of today, the total number of confirmed cases has exceeded 7 million), this has also caused many companies in India to fail to start production normally, and more and more orders cannot be made within the specified time. Completed within, so in order to be able to ship on time and produce safe products, more and more Indian orders are also being transferred to my country, and now compared with the beginning of the year, the current market orders are also increasing sharply. , The entire market is becoming more and more saturated.

However, orders need to be produced, and total orders are constantly increasing. However, with the global epidemic, only China is able to stabilize mass production, and domestic orders will definitely increase sharply.

In fact, since the last time this article was forwarded, many netizens have left messages to us in the background: “Will a large number of orders this time be maintained for a long time or just a short-lived?” In fact, from this point of view, the influx of a large number of orders into China will not be a short-term phenomenon. At least within one or two years, there will be more domestic orders. Whether they can receive orders depends on their own capabilities.

Large Orders Into China


Why do you say that?
As far as my country’s epidemic control is concerned, there is no country in the world that can compare with my country, especially in those countries with relatively abundant labor, it can be said that it is a state that is very difficult to control. Under such circumstances, normal production is almost possible. Said it is impossible.

And now it is about to enter a cold winter, the epidemic is likely to usher in a second outbreak in cold weather, but how many countries can effectively prevent it? Moreover, although the development of vaccines is progressing well, it is not a simple matter to produce vaccines that can meet the needs of the people of the world in a short period of time. At least there must be a lot of time.

In fact, after experiencing the epidemic, everyone will find that companies want to resume their previous production. It takes a period of time for the market to reach the previous state. Production capacity cannot be restored directly, so even if it is restored abroad, it will take time.

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