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Knowledge of Maintenance of Pure Cotton Towels


Towels are the products with the highest washing frequency and replacement frequency in linen. Towel manufacturers and wholesalers recommend understanding the characteristics of cotton towels before maintenance. What are the differences between cotton towels and fake cotton towels? Qualified cotton reactive printed beach towel price has a fluffy texture and a soft hand, and are finely manufactured with good moisture absorption, heat insulation, and heat resistance. Fake and inferior cotton towels are easy to pilling, discoloration is not breathable, and water absorption is not strong.

Knowledge of Maintenance of Pure Cotton Towels

1. Cotton towel manufacturers recommend washing dark cotton towels and light colors separately to avoid washing cotton velour beach towel manufacturer and clothing with zippers, hooks, or buttons. These items will damage the cotton bath towel coil. Do not wash cotton towels and clothing together, the terry fabric will wrap the thin and soft fabric clothing inside.

2. Pure cotton towel manufacturers recommend carefully following the care label instructions for care. When washing cotton towels, avoid overheating and long-term drying. Tumble drying in the dryer can make the pure cotton beach towel factory more fluffy and soft, but this effect cannot be obtained by hanging to dry.

3. The amount of detergent used in the cleaning of cotton towels is half of the recommended amount on the washing label, which can make the cotton towels softer.

4. Avoid pouring detergent directly onto cotton towels. Directly pouring detergent onto cotton full-color printing beach towels supplier will cause detergent residues to remain on the towels and cause the towels to harden. Choose mild detergents and minimize the use of chlorine-containing bleach.

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