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Knowledge about Absorbent Towels


Why do absorbent towels absorb water so quickly?
Because the absorbent towel is made of ultra-fine fibers, the amount of water absorbed is 7 times that of ordinary fibers, and the speed of water absorption is 6 times that of pure cotton towels. No bacteria, can be used repeatedly, life span is 4 times that of ordinary towels produced by China microfiber ice cool towel factory.

Features of absorbent towels:
1. Smooth and soft
The fiber has fine unit fineness and soft feel; good whiteness and bright colors; strong toughness and abrasion resistance, unique resilience; strong longitudinal and transverse strength, stable and uniform, good drape; soft and smooth No stubbornness, softer than cotton, with a unique velvet feel.

2. Cool and comfortable, the real “air conditioning fiber”
The cross section of the fiber is covered with large and small oval pores, which can absorb and evaporate a large amount of water in an instant.

3. Antibacterial and antibacterial
The same amount of bacteria is observed under a microscope. Bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fiber products, and the bacteria on fiber products are killed by about 75% after 24 hours.

4. Green environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet

Knowledge about Absorbent Towels

Other uses of absorbent towels:
1. Infants: The baby can wipe 90% of his hair after taking a bath. Even in the cold winter, after the baby wears his clothes, his hair is completely dry and the baby can sleep peacefully. Moms no longer have to worry about their baby catching a cold! Never worry about the noise of the hair dryer will damage your baby’s delicate hearing!
2. Ladies: Ladies do not need to consider whether they can dry at night and fully enjoy the freedom and happiness of sleeping immediately after bathing!
3. Business travellers: Put synthetic deerskin towels into this packaging jar when you are on a business trip. You can avoid the use of hotel towels, and will not get moldy, smelly, or soak other items in the travel bag like ordinary wet wholesale workout fitness ice-cool towel.
4. The elderly: The elderly are getting weaker and more likely to catch a cold after shampooing. Synthetic deerskin towels can solve the worries of the elderly.
5. During exercise: The contact area between the synthetic deerskin towel and the skin can be 2 ℃ lower than that of the ordinary towel, and cooler than the ordinary towel. It is a good product to carry during sports and fitness.
6. The car is equipped with a deerskin towel, stylish and practical!
7. The baby suddenly urinates on the bed, which is used to quickly urinate, and the deer hide China printing bamboo hooded towel used to rescue the mattress is very good.

Notes on use and maintenance:
Pay attention to the maintenance of such high-tech things:
1. It is best to use cold water to wash, not more than 70 degrees Celsius. If it is dirty, you can wash it with a small alkaline soap, but do not use it often.
2. If it is made of deerskin, be sure to use clean water bubbles after each use, then wring it out and let it dry for a while, you can fit it in the touch, which can extend the life of the towel. If it is made of cotton, it is recommended to dry it every time it is installed.

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