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Is there a strange smell in digital printing?


Now in the process of printing in digital printing, some peculiar smells will appear sometimes, especially when there is no ventilation, the peculiar smell is especially obvious. Many people don’t know what causes the odor in digital printing. Today, I will briefly analyze why there is odor in digital printing.
In fact, it is often because of ink that digital printing is prone to odor.
The pungent odor of ink (derived from its own raw materials) such as monomer diluents, low molecular weight initiators, resin binders, etc., will slowly release pungent odors under certain conditions, especially the printing of inferior inks, which failed to achieve environmental protection. The production requirements of the ink, the volatile matter released before and after the ink curing will produce some odor.
Moreover, the substrates of different materials are now affected by the environment, and related chemicals will be cracked and produce pungent odors.
Therefore, in the printing process, because the ink is cured by LED ultraviolet light, the LED ultraviolet light curing lamp will generate a slight ozone during the irradiation, and the ultraviolet light generated by the curing device has a wavelength range of 200-425 nm. Among them, short-wave ultraviolet light below 275nm is easy to produce ozone when it comes into contact with oxygen in the air, which is a major source of pungent odors. These ozone often cannot decompose on its own, and will not only float in the air, but also remain on the surface of the printed product (the printed product is absorbent and will retain some odors). The smell is relatively weak, and the amount is small, and it is generally not smelled. This is one of the reasons for the peculiar smell of digital printing.
So in fact, generally speaking, as long as it is produced with inferior products, there will be very little peculiar smell.
The above is the reason for the smell of digital printing, so the environmental requirements for digital printing are to keep the environment clean and ventilated, and use high-quality ink.
In addition, everyone must pay attention to it. You can smell it when you buy it. If there is a peculiar smell, you should try not to buy it. Such products still have some harm to use.

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