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Pattern design of digitally printed towels


Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has not only made a big breakthrough in customized pattern design, but also has no limitations on the size of the traditional printing repeating unit and the number of colors, and does not require plate making, and can use computer-aided technology. Quickly correct the color errors in the design, so that the completely correct pattern can be quickly cycled. However, although digital printing technology is now a computer-aided pattern design, it still follows the 3 rules of printing pattern design.

1. Symmetry and balance
Symmetry and balance is a commonly used design rule for digital printing patterns, mainly through the internal symmetry of the pattern up and down, left and right symmetry or both up and down and left and right symmetry, or center symmetry with the center of the pattern as the center point. Such symmetrical patterns are often square. , Circular or striped continuous patterns appear. In addition to the symmetry of the pattern itself, symmetry and balance can also be formed between the pattern and the pattern.

2. Gradation and Rhythm
The pattern design law of gradual change and rhythm is often based on the size and color of the pattern. Taking color as an example, the color purity of a pattern is a gradual process from one end to the other, from high to bottom, or from low to high. The size of the pattern can also be a gradual process from large to small or from small to large. Patterns designed in a gradual form often give people a sense of transitional nature, harmony, and beauty.

Taking each repeating unit as the research object, the origin of a circle is from large to small, or from small to large, giving a sense of the rhythm of pattern change, and now the purity and brightness of product printing are presented from top to bottom The trend of gradual weakening, but this kind of weakening does not give people a sense of sharp change, on the contrary, the transition is harmonious and natural, which fully reflects the gradual rhythm and beauty.

pattern design of digitally printed towels

3. Repetition and organization
Pattern repetition and orderly design refer to the formation of a certain pattern by repetition of the constituent elements in the pattern. This repetition can be a single pattern through continuous and repeated translations up and down, left and right, or simultaneous up, down and left and right in a continuous cycle. Through this repeated layout, the pattern is formed and a sense of rhythm and rhythm is produced. At present, many patterns of patterns are designed by repeating and continuously shifting to the left and right, so that the pattern has a uniform rhythm, a uniform rhythm, and a strong sense of integrity, giving people a sense of order and harmony.

In fact, apart from these, you will find that many pattern designs of digital printing are more colorful, no matter the color or the pattern, there are many and irregular, because the production of digital printing is not restricted by the color and pattern, so in Customization is simpler than using traditional printing, and the printing effect will be much better.

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