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Is the absorbent towel the more absorbent the better?


Absorbent towels are widely used in various industries such as a personal bathroom, utensil scrubbing, and beauty. Especially allergic patients or people who are allergic to chemical agents will like microfiber cleaning towels very much. Because they do not need to use any chemicals when wiping. Microfiber cleaning towels can be used repeatedly and are very durable. After each use, just put the cleansing towel in clean water and wash it again. Diving athletes prefer to use absorbent towels, which are very absorbent and can quickly absorb water from the divers. It also works well for dry hair and shampoo.

Absorbent towels When cleaning furniture, home appliances, kitchenware, floors, and clothing, use wet towels because dry towels are not easy to clean after being soiled. Absorbent towels are towels that cannot be ironed. They cannot touch hot water above 60 degrees. Do not wash in the washing machine together with other clothes (towels are too strong, and if they are washed together, they will stick to a lot of lint and dirt). Do not use bleach and softener to wash towels and other products.

Absorbent towels are generally made of microfibers as raw materials. Microfibers are composed of polyester and nylon fabrics, of which the water absorption of nylon is the main one. The price of nylon is more than 10 times that of polyester, so the price of better absorbent towels is higher, the price is generally around 40 yuan, the price of absorbent towels with lower nylon content is much cheaper, the price is generally around 10 yuan, But this kind of absorbent towel is not very absorbent.

Is the absorbent towel the more absorbent the better

The more absorbent the towel, the better?

Absorbent towels are better, and many consumers believe that softer towels are more absorbent. Regarding this point of view, what do you think of Shenzhen Color, a professional towel manufacturer?

Most ordinary consumers think that when choosing towels, they feel good and that the softer towels have better water absorption, but they are not. When many towel manufacturers produce towels, they use a synthetic process of cotton thread and fiber thread, usually viscose, so that the towel feels softer, but it seriously affects the water absorption. Secondly, towels that are too soft have a slippery feel, so the towel naturally does not absorb water because of the addition of a lot of softeners.

To confirm this statement, we can do a small experiment. Pour about 5ml of water on the surface of the glass and wipe the surface of the glass with a towel. If there is water on the surface of the glass after cleaning the glass, it means that the towel is not pure cotton. In addition, if the towel is very soft, it does not absorb water at all.

A good towel should be moderately soft and hard. The soft feel is cotton-like, not slippery. It has elasticity and friction when used. It will give people a soft and close-to-face feeling. The towel should not be dry and hard. So as not to harm the skin, but it does not mean that the softer towel is a good towel.

Here, the editor reminds consumers: When purchasing towels, try to choose products from regular towel manufacturers, such as Shenzhen Color towels. Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo, and indicate the manufacturer, place of origin, telephone number, trademark, implementation standards, and washing methods.

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