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Important reminder: The towel must not be changed for a long time


The weather in this period of time has been really continuous with light rain, and the temperature has gradually increased, which is a lot of problems for daily home life.
As our colleague said this morning, the clothes washed in this weather have been unable to dry, and there are almost no clothes to change.
In fact, as far as whether clothes can do this, the problem in the home bathroom is even bigger.
Because in the current environment, the bathroom is very, very easy to breed bacteria.
Bathrooms generally include shower rooms, toilets and washrooms. These are all places with water, and there are a lot of bacteria.
And as a very common towel in our daily life, we need to keep it clean, and it is very important to keep it clean is to keep the towel dry.
Because the towel product is a textile product, it will take away the dirt on the skin when it is used, and these dirt is not easy to be removed from the towel, so it needs to be cleaned and disinfected frequently. In addition, the towel product has bacteria, so if the towel is often kept wet, the speed of bacteria growth can be terrible.
The following is a list of some wrong usages of towels, and you should remember to correct them in time.
Mistake 1: Do not break or replace
Chinese traditional virtues – diligence and thrift, especially for the middle-aged and elderly people, they are willing to throw away everything if they are damaged. Although diligence and thrift are a good virtue, this virtue is not very applicable to towels that are used every day. The longer you use it, the more bacteria it grows, and these bacteria can cause various health problems to your body.
And now everyone usually likes to hang the towel in the bathroom, and most of them like to wet the towel and then dry the body whether washing the face or taking a bath. At this time, the wet towel is exposed to the air. It is easy to breed Escherichia coli, anaerobic bacteria, etc. Pathogenic bacteria, and the use of towels after breeding a lot of bacteria will easily cause acne, so everyone should remember that wet towels should be washed immediately and dried in a ventilated place.
Mistake 2: One towel is used for multiple purposes
Wet towels can breed various germs, and now the general family towel use is simply two towels and bath towels, and some even use one towel to wipe the whole body, and if one towel wipes the whole body, it will cause cross-infection.
Therefore, we should divide it according to the purpose of the towel.
Men should have at least three towels for face, feet and bath towels.
Women should prepare at least four, plus a towel for washing private parts on the basis of washing face, feet and bathing.
Another thing to keep in mind: change your towels every March.

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