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How to wash the bath towels clean and soft


We use bath towels after taking a shower. Bath towels are easy to turn yellow and hard after being used for a long time, and it is difficult to clean them. Today I will teach you a small way to clean bath towels, which can make bath towels as soft as new. Follow the editor to find out what the bath towels do when they come back.

First, prepare a basin, pour some baking soda into it, then pour some white vinegar, then add some edible salt, spray a little toilet water, then add clean water, put the bath towels in and soak, we soak it for ten minutes.

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Ten minutes came, and the water used to soak the customized soft hooded bamboo bath towel had become very dirty. We gently rubbed the bath towels with our hands. After scrubbing for two minutes, we changed the water to scrub.

After rinsing it with clean water, we can put it in the sun for another hour. The bath towels washed with this method are as soft as new ones, so please try it out.

Okay, have you learned today’s little coup? If you like, you can leave a comment or like below, and don’t forget to follow us.

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